Man continues to play Candy Crush Saga while his thumb tendon tears off

Man continues to play Candy Crush Saga while his thumb tendon tears off

You will know the addiction for the game Candy Crush Saga if you have played it any time in your life. So here goes a news that will show you the extent of game addiction. A man from California was so engrossed in playing Candy Crush that least was he concerned that his tendons tore apart. He has been playing Candy Crush non-stop for almost six weeks and started experiencing chronic pain in his right hand thumb.

He consulted doctors at the JAMA Internal Medicine regarding the aching in his thumb. The doctors said that the man as not being able to move his thumb. He described that the pain evoked after playing Candy Crush for long hours consecutively for several weeks.

He was examined and the doctors diagnosed that the 29 year old patient from California has ruptured a tendon of his right thumb and was prescribed for a thumb surgery. The research report from JAMA Internal medicine says that games often act as pain killers, which is why a person gets easily attracted and addicted to games like Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush Soda.

Dr Andrew Doan wrote in the report and told Live Science: “We need to be aware that certain video games can act like digital painkillers.”

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