Mimi Hearing Test: Test Your Hearing With An iPhone

Mimi Hearing Test: Test Your Hearing With An iPhone
Mimi Hearing Test: Test Your Hearing With An iPhone

You can not deny the fact that you use a smartphone but don’t use headphones for listening music or watching movies. Whatever you are doing, you will notice that while trying to increase the volume after a certain level, your smartphone warns you that exceeding the level may be detrimental to your ears. if you always feel the urge to listen at comparatively higher volumes, then probably you are suffering from a hearing loss, may be nominal. The extent of hearing loss is sometimes to feeble to be understood properly. If you are facing the same situation, then you can test your hearing ability with this awesome app named Mimi Hearing. this application is for iPhone users.

The app is very simple and easy to use and lets users to explore the hearing capability of an individual.

Mimi Hearing Test fetches you the following information

-Your hearing age: how old your ears are.
– Your hearing profile: how well you hear specific frequencies.
– Your hearing landscape: the lowest volumes you are able to hear.
– Speech Region: how well you hear specific speech patterns, such as parts of words.

The app runs two different types of test, one is the quick and fast test, called the Quick Test while the other one is the extended test.The app will play 6 different frequencies of sound how well you can hear six frequencies and the extended test will check your hearing capacity.

The frequency tests you for six frequencies. You are asked to put the earbuds in and follow the on-screen instructions. You will hear a sound of one of the six frequencies and using the on-screen buttons indicate which ear you can hear the sound in. Both ears will be tested for the six different frequencies. The extended test plays sound and asks you to indicate when you start hearing and how long you continue to hear it.

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