Phone Number Verification on Pi Network: How To Verify Your Phone Number on Pi Network?

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Pi is a cryptocurrency, which is currently in the growing stage, that is, all features are not yet available for the public. You can mine Pi cryptocurrencies using your smartphone. Pi mining is available for both Android and iOS. The Pi network software is compatible with both Windows operating system and macOS operating system. Pi network has several types of verification processes, such as, Facebook verification process, phone number verification process and KYC verification process.

In this article, I shall talk about phone number verification on Pi network, how to do it for USA and Canada users and users outside USA Canada cycle. Check the steps for details.

How To Verify Phone Number On Pi Network?

1. Go to the side menu bar located in the left pane of your Pi app screen. Go to Profile.

2. Under Account Verification, there is Phone number. Click on Verify.

3. You will get the verification page. There are two options, one is for the USA and Canada users, and the second option is for the rest of the world, where Pi is available. If you belong to USA or Canada, then choose option 1. You will get a verification code on your phone, as you enter your phone number. But if you are outside these regions, then select option 2. With this option, you have to send a message as verification to a number. Before that, check if you have the SMS balance. Now click on Start.

4. Now, click on Open SMS. This will redirect you to your phone message app. Send the 4 digit code to the number.

5. After you are done, you can check back the phone verification page of the Pi app. Simply tap on the option I have sent the text.

6. You will get this notification. Tap on Close.

7. Your phone number is now verified.

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