Review: Create Robust Slideshows With Automatic Slideshow Maker

Whenever we have a big event that we want to go, whether that be a wedding, graduation, birthday, or even a vacation to a new country, pictures are always taken. Why? We like to document our journeys, make memories, and share them with those we love. However, handing out a stack of photos isn’t ideal and placing them in a physical album doesn’t work for everyone. You could create a digital photo album on social media, but then they own your photos. A great alternative to this is SmartSHOW 3D, an automatic slideshow creator that allows you to create robust and modern slideshows without any of the tedious work you would normally expect from slideshow software.

Slideshows Automatically With SmartSHOW 3D

One of the main draws of SmartSHOW 3D is its 5-minute slideshow option. You can jump right in with a pre-themed category and have a modern and sophisticated slideshow done with transitions, effects, and animations in 5 minutes or less. How does this work? 

  • Choose from a template. You can expect to see love, weddings, vacations, travel, modern, celebration, and family among the many available options. 
  • Choose which photographs you want included in the presentation. You can choose from your uploads or choose from the preset options that are available within that particular themed category. 
  • Next, add in some music from your own collection or from the audio collection that SmartSHOW 3D offers. 
  • Head down to the storyboard and add in the animations and effects you want for each slide.

Click done and watch as your 5-minute automatic photo slideshow comes to life. 

How Well Designed is the User-Interface? 

The user-interface is extremely well designed in that you know exactly where you need to navigate to, to begin your slideshow creation. The program will ask you whether you want to create a 5-minute slideshow from the premade templates or create your own with a custom storyboard. The storyboard itself uses a tab-style design and a drag and drop menu, so adding in transitions, effects, music, captions, and animations is a breeze. To change around your slideshow timeline, click and drag to place where you want and use the undo/redo buttons to fix any mistakes you make. 

What Features Are Available With This Automatic Photo Slideshow Maker?

  • It comes with a program wizard that explains exactly how to create a slideshow in under five minutes. So there’s no second guessing on how to get the presentation done quickly. 
  • There are 20+ pre-themed templates you can choose from. 
  • There are 180+ professionally designed templates for creating your own custom storyboard. Out of these, there are business, modern, travel, abstract, love, family, and more!
  • A massive library of audio sounds and music. 220+ royalty free tracks and you can layer or use multiple tracks in one slideshow. 
  • Tons of caption styles. Even 3D text is available for making quirky presentations.
  • Comes with the ability to convert your slideshow to 30+ formats. If you create a video slideshow, it can be burned to disc.
  • There are 570+ ready-made effects and templates that are designed by professional creators. This includes nature effects, animated collages, and even title clips.  If you wanted, you could even add in video backgrounds to your slideshow! Plus, you can edit animations to fit your slideshow theme if you want – so you can do much more with the basic  options.

If you take your time with this auto slideshow maker, you can make some truly amazing combinations with the animations, resulting in a truly unique presentation. 


In not having any experience with slideshows since our highschool days, we were very surprised to find that there were no issues in learning the program or navigating through the user-interface. Rather, we found that for beginners who are new to slideshow programs, SlideSHOW 3D is quite a robust option which lets you jump right in with the customizations without getting lost along the way. Combine this with its small download size and the ability to make slideshows automatically, it’s definitely the best one currently available for beginners and professionals alike. 

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