Samsung’s video mocks the big-screen iPhone 6 rumors

Samsung's video mocks iPhone for small displays
Samsung's video mocks iPhone for small displays

Apple has undoubtedly mesmerized us with new technologies but one thing that it has deprived its users is a large big screen. However iPhone 5 brought a 4 inch screen which is still smaller than the contemporary smartphones. Now we hear that iPhone 6 will again bring a new screen size, i.e. 4.7 inch screen. Samsung planned o utilize this drawback of its rival and told the users that to get a bigger screen you have to wait for the release of the next iPhone whereas it is handy and readily available in Samsung.

Samsung has not left a chance to mock its rival be it calling iPhone users wall hugger or making fun of it for having small displays. We don’t know if this video can attract a lot of Apple fanboys towards Samsung but yes definitely it has some good facts. Why a person will wait for a year or two to get a bit bigger screen smartphone when there is plenty of bigger and better screens available. Still, Apple has a class of its own and it won’t deviate a much of its devoted fans. May be this a small gesture of Samsung to annoy Apple from its side.

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