Tapplock One Plus Can Be Easily Cracked By A Magnet

Tapplock One Plus Can Be Easily Cracked By A Magnet
Tapplock One Plus Can Be Easily Cracked By A Magnet

The flagship lock designed by Tapplock with the name Tapplock One Plus in 2019 is now found to be showing least security promise to its owners. The lock was as usual a lock with fingerprint security, but last week YouTube content creator LockPickingLawyer had published a video showing how he could easily unlock the flagship lock using a powerful magnet for turning the motor inside thus eventually opening it.

Costing about $99 with a fingerprint sensor and built in Bluetooth so that the lock could be unlocked from an app is lacking magnetic shielding. Tapplock commented in that video that they are coming up soon with a fix.

Tapplock seems to be really worried for its users (from the comment) as most others wouldn’t have had cared and would have ignored as other bug reports. Tapplock’s earlier fingerprint smart lock too had security issues. They are really having a tough time right now.

In 2018, YouTuber JerryRigEverything used a significant amount of sticky GoPro mount and could pull apart the lock. On the other hand, PenTest Partners, a cyber security company, found the actual code and digital authentication method to be nonexistent. The Bluetooth Low Energy MAC address which is broadcasted by the lock itself is all, which is required for someone to hack the lock in. PenTest Partners were also successful in snapping the lock by using a pair of 12 inch bolt cutters.

These contents on YouTube could be taken on a positive note as it is providing us with all sorts of precautions before buying any lock for our needs.

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