Using Employee Recognition Technology To Help Your Team Thrive 

Using Employee Recognition Technology To Help Your Team Thrive 

When your company is trying to engage its employees and make them more motivated to be productive for the company, there are plenty of areas where managers go wrong. Instead of just demanding they do better, you might want to consider rewards, recognition, and continuous performance management initiatives to help them succeed. In this day and age, there are plenty of technology tools available to ensure your efforts to succeed. As technology has changed, recognition has become more accessible to a larger swath of the population and can really streamline improving employee performance and engagement. Although some technology may be unfamiliar to HR professionals, it’s important to start using technology now to engage with your teams. Here’s how to use employee recognition technology to help your teams achieve top quality performance. 

Communication Tools 

Communication tools are essential to running your team efficiently. As a leader, they help you stay in touch and lead your team. As a team member, they encourage open, consistent communication. Whether its a written communication tool like Slack, Yammer, or email or using Zoom and Microsoft Teams to get the job done, there are an array of fantastic tech options out there. Sales teams have customer relationship management (CRM) tools for better communication. Other teams might use different platforms or something proprietary to the company. Either way, using communication and collaboration tools is the most direct path to success because it encourages large-scale collaboration, discussion, and productivity across the organization. Plus, you can communicate, share files, and work together with your team from anywhere and on any device. 

Task Management Tools 

Task management tools are integral to ensuring productivity at your organization. They let you see who’s responsible for each task, eliminating confusion about who needs to do it (especially when things come down to a right deadline). These tools help alleviate some pressure off of individual workers. Then they don’t feel like they’re carrying all the weight by themselves and don’t fall behind as often. One of the biggest benefits of task management software is that it organizes projects into small, easy to accomplish bits that your team can manage in real-time. That can be helpful, since breaking down projects into sub-projects can streamline the entire process. Some of the most popular apps, like Trello, can be integrated into your workflow easily, making them the ideal solution to staying on task at your company. 

Productivity Tools 

Productivity is important that your organization. That’s why it’s essential to have high quality tools to help you accomplish your goals. Tools that help you stay organized, on task, focused, motivated, and productive are ideal for getting the most out of your day today work. So what does that actually mean for your team? It means finding ways to help them be more productive without destroying them around. This can work well through coaching, performance management, or other technology platforms that can help streamline their work and help them achieve better results. Better work quality and a higher level of engagement with their work environment at large is good news for your bottom line and the organization as a whole. 

Employee Recognition Platforms  

Helping employees feel good about their work, feel valued at the organization, and incentivizing them is all part of the mission of a good HR department and management. Recognizing employees frequently is key to this process. Whether it’s through a quick thank you, a celebration of a milestone, check-ins, rewards, there are many reasons to use recognition if your company. It could give the employees an opportunity to learn new skills, help everyone out to perform better, and provide them an outlet for expressing/receiving feedback from their team members. An employee rewards and recognition program platforms is a great tool that are the best thing to use in order to recognize employees’ achievements throughout various stages of their careers.  

Working From Home 

Want to give your employees the opportunity to perform well and attain excellent work-life balance? Of course you do! And what better way to do that than offering the ability to work from home? It cuts back on commutes, saves money, and helps employees with their well-being/work-life balance. You also need a technology platform to enable your employees to access your networks and other vital technology from home. So it makes sense to incorporate your recognition program into the mix. Give remote employees access to the program and watch as they use it to ensure high productivity across the entire team. 

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