What are Google Penalties?

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It happens that your site fails because of poor indexing. This is a consequence of seo google penalties everyone can face. A penalty is a sanction issued by Google when a website cannot meet specific good behavior criteria detailed in the company’s webmaster’s guide. This type of sanction affects a site’s SEO and results in a loss of visibility in search results. Below are tips to understand what is a Google penalty. 

Why does Google penalize certain websites? 

As mentioned before, Google uses this cutoff measure to penalize websites that do not comply with good SEO practices. It happens that some sites use abusive SEO practices to better position themselves in Google’s search engine rankings, such as: 

  • Keyword stuffing, 
  • Wrong links from or to the site, 
  • Poor quality bulk content, 
  • Link Building Systems, 
  • Duplicate content. 

Types of Google fines 

More information about the about penalties` specifications will give this website, but now we will consider the types of penalties. 

Manual penalties: these manual actions are performed, as the name implies, by people (not robots) from Google’s Quality Raters team. 

If you are a victim of a manual penalty, you will receive a message alerting you about the penalty through your Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) tool. You will find some information to help you understand the reasons for the sanction and a priori you could not ignore it! A request to review the form to submit to Google after you have “cleaned up” your site. 

Algorithmic penalties: these are applied automatically and are harder to declassify. If you notice a drop in traffic, look at the date of the event and draw a parallel with a possible Google update. If the Panda or Penguin was there, you will have more items.  

The consequences of a sanction on your site 

As a rule, the harmful effects that occur after a Google penalty are very quickly discovered if you monitor your site’s statistics. Indeed, if sanctioned, your site’s SEO will collapse, which will have immediate consequences for your traffic. Also, some pages may disappear if violations of the regulations are on them. In the worst case, your entire site risks being removed from the search engine. 

Such penalties, as a rule, lead to: 

  • De-indexing the site. This one is blacklisted and, therefore, will be deprived of any traffic from Google. 
  • A downgrade of the site’s rankings, a penalty also known as a “Position 6 penalty”, “minus 60,” or “minus 30”. The site suddenly loses its position for a particular query. 
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