What happens inside your body when you take a sip of Coke

What happens inside your body when you take a sip of Coke
What happens inside your body when you take a sip of Coke

The modern generation is truly and unfortunately addicted to junk food and drinks and one of the most tasty yet deleterious edible is the soft drink or soda e.g. Coke, Pepsi, preserved juices like Real, Tropicana etc. Even though health magazines and fitness websites are full of information about the different consequences of junk food, still we are not concerned. This informative chart will show you in a step by step method- what happens inside your body when you take a sip of Coke!

When you first have a refreshing sip of Coke and it flows down your throat and finally sinks into your stomach, what exactly happens within the first 10 minutes? The sip inputs 10 teaspoon full of sugar into your stomach. This is the maximum amount of sugar recommended for daily intake. But such a high amount of sweetness doesn’t make you puke out the liquid because the phosphoric acid, kind of, deceives you and cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it in your stomach.

In the next 20 minutes, the sugar level rises like spikes leading to an insulin burst inside. This insulin burst straight-way affects your liver and the liver does away with it by converting it to fat.

Then within 40 minutes, the procedures which take place seriously will blow your mind as you read them. As soon as you finish gulping all the content from the Coke can, the caffeine absorption is completed. Your blood pressure will jump accompanied with your blood sugar level. Your pupils will dilate and the adenosine receptors will be blocked leading to prevention of drowsiness. Then the next consequence is the production of dopamine which will stimulate the brain. The same happens with heroin intake!

After about an hour, the phosphoric acid, together with many other body chemicals will boost the body metabolism. The excess sugar intake will drain out calcium with urine. Next the caffeine’s diuretic property will give you an urge to urinate. The bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc will drain out of your body with your urine.

So finally the coke will excrete the water along with bonded minerals and metals and itself will affect your blood sugar and pressure level. Now will you not think a single time about your health before having coke???

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