What is Project Roadmap in Project Management?

Project roadmap project management

Project managers need to set the agendas for the project, and the project roadmap helps to visualize it. A project road map plays a vital role in your project planning as it helps set expectations and update stakeholders. 

As a project manager, you need to lead your team in the right direction, by delegating work according to their expertise and aligning them according to the project needs.

A project roadmap is a bird eye’s view of a project that brings all the stakeholders on the same page about the project scope and deliverables? 

Importance of laying down a project roadmap

Project roadmap takes all the necessary details of the project plan into consideration, such as client names, specific training requirements, and staffing schedules. It portrays all the relevant information to the stakeholders.

Usually, stakeholders don’t go through the pages and pages of the documentation. They want a summary of the project deliverables. A project roadmap streamlines this process by defining project scope and presenting it to them. It is you’d show in your follow up meeting without getting caught up on the details.

Benefits of drawing a project roadmap

There are numerous benefits of drawing a roadmap. You lay a precise project plan so that all the team members have a clear understanding of the project scope, the timeframe of each deliverable and project goals, In addition to that, striking a visually perfect project roadmap has the following benefits. 

  • Communicate project plans and goals

Your project roadmap is a visual document that will also lay your project scope. Quick communication facilitates essential information to the key stakeholders and helps your team to deliver tasks hassle-free.

  • Manage Stakeholder expectations

A project roadmap is subject to change. Still, deliverables, goals, expectations, budget timelines, will ensure that everybody knows their respective jobs and helps you identify fixed and flexible aspects of the project.

  • Make decisions quickly

New constraints and variables will arise when you are executing tasks. Referring to your project road map will help you in making important decisions rapidly.
Creating a project roadmap will come with its share of challenges. Below is a list of challenges you’ll face while building one:

  • The team overlooks to plan for the future: Some teams are not realistic in their approach. They miscalculate the resources they want in the project and hence end up under-delivering and missing deadlines.

  • The team overlooks the need to share their progress with others: Effective communication is the key to ANY PROJECT’S SUCCESS. When a team doesn’t share its development, pitfalls are bound to happen. Make sure that the teams involved in the project are aligned with the project roadmap, and all the deliverables are clear to them.
  • The roadmap is not updated

The roadmap will take many twists and turns before reaching the final destination. In such a scenario, the project can lag behind the schedule and miss out on the highest possible demand.
It can also hamper the team’s motivation, and they doubt that the leader isn’t capable of making long term strategic decisions.

  • Don’t get caught up into the details

Remember, a project roadmap shows a high-level view, easy to understand the view of a project. If you get into the details and start editing the roadmap, your teams will not be able to understand the crucial aspects at a glance.

Wrapping up

A project management software will take you through many twists and turns and let you accomplish the deliverables. You need to be critical of what do you want to achieve and how yto go about it. All the best for your endeavours. 

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