Google’s Prototype Search Engine For China To Tie Search Entry To Phone Number

Google china

Google china

It has been 8 years that Google has wrapped up its search engine business from China. China uses services and software manufactured by themselves. However, Google has finally decided to re-enter the search engine business in China but with a lot of restrictions and censoring. The modified search engine called the Dragonfly, has disappointed human rights advocates because the service will interfere into the privacy of users.

According to reliable reports, the new search engine will tag search entries with phone number of users. This is absolutely insane according to many. The search engine will work only on Android devices and you will be shocked to know that a list of terms have been blacklisted from the search engine- human rights, Nobel prize are some of them besides the censored words in Mandarin.

Google will be joined by a China based unnamed company in operating Dragonfly search engine.  This new company will probably be regulating the blacklist and censored item list and a big giant like Google will be controlled by an unnamed small organization. The company holds the right to expand the censored term lists.

Some other sources are saying that a burgeoning privacy is engulfing the Dragonfly. China is all set to replace the exact data on weather, pollution, census by the data made by Chinese government. So, there is a high chance that manipulative data will be shared rather than the original data. Moreover, phone numbers will be tagged along with the users’ search entries. So, full control and surveillance on the users will be there.


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