How To Memorialize The Facebook Account Of A Deceased Person?


Death is inevitable but painful. It is hard to accept that the beloved person is no more in our lives. What remains behind is the beautiful memories we shared together, Keeping in mind, the sentiment and emotion associated with loss of loved ones, Facebook has provided an option to preserve the memories of the deceased person. This is called account memorialization. When a person dies, his/her friends or family members can submit account memorialization request to Facebook. Facebook will review all documents and undergo an authenticity scanning process, after which the account of the dead person will be memorialized. When you open the profile of the person, you can see “Remembering” along with the name of that person.

In this article, I will show you how to submit memorialization request to Facebook to memorialize the Facebook account of the person.

Steps To Memorialize The Facebook Account Of A Deceased Person

First, visit the deceased person’s Facebook profile. Click on the three dots. Select Find support or report profile.

From the available options, choose Somethng Else.

Next, choose Memorialise this account. Make sure you have death certificate or other documents of the dead person for submission to Facebook.

Next, you will be taken to the Memorialisation Request page. Enter the required details, and attach the supporting document of death. Finally tap on Send.

These requests are manually checked by Facebook. If the person has requested Facebook to delete the account after his/her death, then this article may not be helpful.

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