LG Spirit Launches in India at ₹ 13,690

LG Spirit Launches in India
LG Spirit Launches in India

Last month, LG launched the Spirit (LG-H422) handset in India to compete in the mid-range handset segment. It has been priced under ₹ 14,000 and has been unveiled along with the Leon, Joy and the Magna.

The Spirit has been pitched in the market against the likes of Moto G2 and a variety of other mid-range products that are priced below ₹ 15,000. LG has planned two variants of the Spirit, one powered with high speed 4G LTE and the other with 3G, of which the latter has been made available to the Indian consumer. Thus, the handsets will be integrated with the Mediatek quad core chip instead of the Snapdragon 410.

Regarding the pricing, LG might want to rethink the prices for the Spirit, which has a budget grade specs sheet, as ₹ 13,690 might seem a little too steep for the average Indian customer. The Spirit will be sold in gold and black variants when it comes into the market across all stores in the country. It has many borrowed designs from previous LG smartphones like the iconic rear keys and the curved exterior.

One look at all the specifications of the LG Spirit:

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