Macbook Heist of over $1 million : Four men arrested

Macbook Heist of over $1 million : Four men arrested
Macbook Heist of over $1 million : Four men arrested

Four men have been arrested for a atrocious heist of MacBook Airs worth over $1 million. A truck was carrying a huge bunch of MacBook for shipment to two schools in New Jersey. The truck driver Anton Saljanin said that he has parked the truck full of MacBooks outside his own home overnight which gave the thieves enough time to capture the truck. But that was his version of the incident which could not retain its credibility for long.

According to Anton Saljanin, the truck was stolen from his house at Yorktown Heights. The truck was later on found at a car parking lot just off the Interstate 84 road in Connecticut. The driver’s claim was proven to be false when broken glass was found in that parking of Connecticut lot but no other damage was noticed anywhere around. This proved that the glass was broken from the window of the truck there only and not at Yorktown Heights.

According to Sky News, CCTV footage also proved that the driver was lying. The footage showed that the truck was stopped at a 7-11 store in Somers, New York. This was on the very same day when the truck was stolen. The truck took a lengthy route stopping by the house of another suspect Ujka Vulaj.

Both the driver and his brother were arrested within minutes. Few hours later, the fourth suspect, Carlos Caceres, was also later held. Right now the four convicts have been released on bail but legal proceedings will start very soon.

Source: Sky News

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