Some Android phones can be tweaked to support Android Pay right now

Some Android phones can be tweaked to support Android Pay right now

It’s not been long that Apple has announced its Apple Pay. Android has also taken the same footstep as its rival and announced the Android Pay. But there are many users who could not wait for so long and hence they have curved their own way. The process is not easy even though not difficult also. Right now you won’t find the app as a standalone application in Google Play. But if you find that your Android phone’s Google Play Services have been updated to version Google Play Services 8.1.03, there be sure that an Android Pay activity is there hidden in your phone.

Now how will you handle the the hidden activities? Simply downlaod a new launcher like Nova Launcher from Google Play Store. The Nova Launcher app will help users deal with having Android Pay services. So the next issue which will be encountered next is the availability of Google Play Services 8.1.03 version.

To figure out the right version of Google Play services for your Android device, go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play services, and look at the last 3 numbers in the parentheses.

You’ll see something like -XYZ where:

* X defines Android version:

0 for Android = 6.0 after
7 for Android 5.0
8 for Android TV
* Y defines CPU architecture:

1 for armeabi
3 for armeabi-v7a
4 for arm64-v8a
7 for x86
* Z defines DPI:

0 for universal
2 for 160
4 for 240
6 for 320
8 for 480

So now check the videos and try installing the Android Pay in case you can’t find out the right way.

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