Now get Get Food & Restaurant recommendations with Facebook Messenger

Now get Get Food & Restaurant recommendations with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger now supports a pool of Messenger bots that can serve several purposes. Some bots can be your personal assistant while some can track your flight details. This bot, known as Where bot claims to become food connoisseur. Facebook messenger bot Where can suggest you the food and restaurant recommendations based on your location and type of cuisine you prefer. let’s have a look how it works:

1. First go to Where bot .  Now you have to click on Get Started.

2. Now the Where bot will prompt you about its function. Start by typing Hello. The Where bot will ask you if you want it to decide food recommendations for you. If you click Help Me Decide, then the Bot will present in front of you a pool of menu and food preferences.

3. The bot will then ask for location preferences. You can provide the location by tapping on the Location Pin or type Nearby. In this way keep on following the instructions and get your best food and restaurant suggestions.

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