Protect Your Kids From Strangers Online Using Parental Control Apps For Android

When your child has his/her own Android device, they are free to talk to whoever they want. You may assume that your child only talks to his/her friends while texting or chatting on social sites, but it doesn’t always happen. From a decade, parents have felt concerned because of strangers that are dangerous for kids but with the rise of mobile devices, strangers on the web have increased parental concerns and agony.

How to Ensure Your Child’s Protection?

Strangers online can be damaging for your child in so many ways. These strangers can be criminal minded people, sexual predators and offenders who victimize kids and manipulate them. An interaction with such dangerous people can result in kidnapping, rape or even murder of a child. Keeping these concerns in mind, parents need to educate their kids about “Stanger danger” on the web.

Here are a few tips to do that:

  1. Never Give Your Personal Information: Instruct your child that they should never give out their person information publically on social networking sites, chat rooms or other instant messaging apps.
  2. Never Share Your Password: Remind your children that they are not supposed to tell anyone their password, no matter what. In fact, ask them to change their password every once in a while. Stalkers can find out your child’s location, if they get access to their password.
  3. Never Update Your Check-ins on Social Sites: Teenagers usually update their day to day information on social sites. Remind your child not to post their current location publically on such sites to protect them from strangers online.
  4. Never Befriend a Stranger: If your child receives a friend request or a message request from a stranger online, instruct them not to respond. Not all strangers are bad on the web but you cannot be sure who is a criminal minded person and who is not.

How Does the Parental Control Apps for Android Help?

When it comes to your child’s safety and protection, you cannot take any risk and therefore you need to adopt the fail-proof method to protect them. Yes, talking about the parental control apps for Android that not only help you monitor your child’s digital conduct but also let you keep an eye on their location offline. One such app is the FamilyTime app. Do you want to give this app a try for free? You can! Get the app now with access to all premium features now by visiting the app store on your phone.

To help you keep your child safe from the strangers, the FamilyTime app helps you in following ways:

  • You can monitor text messages, call logs and contact list
  • You can check the list of apps downloaded and their usage frequency
  • You can block the addictive instant messaging apps
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