Samsung’s upcoming Flip Phone has a humongous 4GB RAM and 12 MP Camera

Samsung is here with its next phone and the device is a flip phone that has long lost amid smartphones. Well, the flip phone is an Android smartphone with appreciable specifications. The first one to mentions is a 4.2 inch screen and a humongous RAM of 4 GB and Camera of resolution 12 MP. There have been several leaks regarding the device and now the device is slowly making its presence felt.

Samsung has been famous for offering some top notch handsets with beautiful sleek designs. This flip model fits the bill absolutely. The 4.2 inch AMOLED display is paired up with a cool design and impressive specifications. Have a look at the device. Samsung has not compromised on the looks and quality of the device.
The device bears model number SM-G9298 and has the translated name of “Leadership 8”.
The device sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which is an extremely popular and efficient processor.
Internal memory includes a huge RAM of 4GB and an on-board storage of 64 GB.
The device also features a 12MP rear camera, and 5MP selfie shooter.
The phone has a fingerprint reader on the rear and supports wireless charging.
The battery capacity of the device is 2,300mAh.

Usually smartphones in a flip form factor have been great devices. The latest model will most likely remain as an exclusive to the region, being available to those on the China Mobile network.

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