The Man who accidentally turned himself blue

The Man who accidentally turned himself blue
Paul Karason The Man who accidentally turned himself blue

Images of a man who accidently turned himself blue have resurfaced on social media almost ten years after he first made headlines. Paul Karason, according to the Daily Mail, utilized a homemade nutritional supplement for years to treat the signs of dermatitis, arthritis, and other other conditions. Karason rapidly acquired the moniker “Papa Smurf” due to his blue skin. When used by children, he tolerated it and occasionally even enjoyed it, but when used by adults, he hated it.

The 62-year-old guy suffered a heart attack in 2013, and he died as a result. The “Blue Man” shocked the country in 2008 when he appeared on live television to share his story and warned viewers against using silver as a treatment for skin conditions. As they witnessed Karason’s before and after selves on the show, which was an unbelievable feat, many people were stunned by the film.

He demonstrated how he used his supplement on the program. According to Karason, his arthritic and sinus issues were treated by the supplement regimen. Karason was unaware that his skin tone had changed until an old acquaintance pointed it out. “A friend I hadn’t seen in a while walked over and asked me what I’d done to myself,” he claimed to Inside Edition in 2008.

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