How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One?

How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One
How to stream videos from your Mac to Xbox One

If you are planning to watch all your great collections of videos and movies this weekend and if you are fortunate enough to own an Xbox one then you have golden combination. You can stream these videos using and Xbox One. You just have to follow some simple steps. Check out the steps below.

1. First of all you need to download a beautiful app called SofaPlay from the Mac App Store. The app is a paid one and costs $4.99. The app is easy to use and elegant. There is a free Lite version but it restricts your video experience to watching only 2 minutes of the videos.

2. Next, open Xbox Video on you Xbox One. All you need to do is go to the Xbox Home screen. Scroll to the right and try to find out the search tile. Find out Xbox Video and install it.

3. Now you open the SofaPlay on your Mac and select the Xbox-SystemOS option from the dropdown list.

4. Now the final step. Play the movie and enjoy!

SofaPlay has some difficulties as well. It is not compatible with some video formats. Besides, SofaPlay doesn’t allow to drag the playhead. You won’t be able to have forward and reverse buttons on the SofaPlay player in order to skim through videos. It’s not an issue since we have remote controllers like Xbox One Media Remote, Xbox One controller, SmartGlass on mobile devices etc.

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