10 Reasons Why Open Back Headphones are Better for Gaming

When I am looking for the right type of headphones for my gaming, I like to look around first. Since there are so many different models, brands, and types on the market for consumers to choose for, I want to make sure that I am getting the ones that will suit my specific needs.

Especially, because the games that manufacturers are making are designed for different gaming gear in mind.

Even down to the type of headset that is being used, it is important that I and others pay close attention to what makes the game plays effective and those that don’t.

Here are a few things that I have found by reading Ironhorsetrading’s guide about open back headphones as opposed to wearing a closed back headphone and 10 reasons why open back headphone sets are better for gaming.


#1. Cooler Ears for Gamers Who Play for Long Periods of Time

Unlike the closed back headphone sets, the open back headphones are considered to be much better for those who do not like the feeling of being hot under the ears or top.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why I started looking for the right type of gaming headphones that will accommodate the needs of me playing for long periods of time.

So, when I want to make sure that I have a set of headphones that will provide me with many hours of game playing in a more relaxed environment, I find that the open back headphones are those that will suit me for long extended battles between my competitors.

open back headphones

#2. Avoids Hearing Too Many Noises and Sounds inside of the Head

In addition to making sure that I have a headphone set that accommodates my needs during the latest and most popular games on the market like Fortnight, I like to make sure that the sounds that reach my ears are set at a level that will not irritate or disturb my train of thought.

With this in mind, I usually shy away from the closed back headphones since they are the ones that tend to produce too much sound in my head.


Especially, when I feel like I can lose the game from the added closed end noises that it creates.

#3. Out in the World Experience — Gives Gamers a Chance to Hear Other Things Around Them

When looking for a pair that is ideal, the open back headphone sets are usually the right kind for many different reasons. In fact, I may describe this set as one that will help to allow me to have them out in the world around my experience.

For instance, when I am trying on this set to see if I like them more than the closed back sets, I have noticed a more spacious stereo effect.

#4. Sounds Resonate in all Directions

Another reason that I and others may recommend the open back headphone sets to the closed headphones in their gaming experiences is the way the sound resonates.

For instance, when gamers are wearing these headphones, they can begin to identify the particular distinctions in the different sounds that they hear because they resonate from different directions.

#5- Minimal Distortion of Sound

open back headphones

The games that have been designed today are very sophisticated and complex. In fact, the manufacturers have made it clear that the type of experience one has with their headphones can make a big difference in whether I lose or win.

Therefore, when I consider which headset is better for minimal distortion of the sounds in the game, I have found that most people recommend the open back headphone sets instead of the closed versions.

This is especially true when the model that is being worn has been made with this particular feature.

#6. Dual listening Environment

When playing the game with the instruction of others, the open back headphone set is ideal. Since I can hear the gaming sounds that I need to understand and the directions from another player too, this set is very beneficial.

So, it is a great way for newbies and seasoned players alike to improve their games with a dual listening environment that helps to facilitate the process.

Closed back headphone sets can be a barrier to this type of activity because they are not designed in a way that facilitates directions from others. Instead, the closed design is not meant for 2 people to communicate on the activities of one game.

This is because the design of the closed back headphones will only allow a player to hear what is going on in the game versus what someone else may be communicating with them.

#7. – Inside the Game Experience — Transported into the Activity


Even though the closed back version will allow the user to feel as if they can get lost inside of the game that is being played; there are still some advantages to the open back headphone sets that I have worn.

One of which I usually prefer, primarily since it also provides me with an added experience of feeling like I have been transported into the midst of all of the activity that is going on.

#8. Highly Recommended for Gamers, Musicians, and Professional Audio Engineers


Because of the accuracy of the sound that is being produced and the experience that is being created, the open-back headphones are considered to be the first choice for those who are in some specific professionals.

For instance, professional audio engineers, musicians, and all of the avid gamers can use these open-back headphones for the accuracy needed and an excellent way to master their craft.

For instance, in some of the latest technological savvy games, the player needs to hear the noises clearly around them to protect themselves adequately. For example, Are the gunshots coming from the right, left, back or the side?

This is extremely important to know if the gamer is going to remain alive? All of this life experience and more is needed to ensure the game that people play is reaching the pinnacle of their success.

#9. Made for Home Environments


Even though buying portable devices to travel with is quite common, and manufacturers are doing everything that they can to accommodate these needs, this type of accommodation is not always needed for the gaming world. In fact, many of the most famous gamers are usually in their personal spaces playing their games, and they may need a set of headphones to track what other things were going on around them.

For instance, if someone enters their room and calls their name for any reason, they are not startled by the other interaction.

Instead, they can always hear and even respond to requests without removing the headphones from their ears.


#10. Makes the Games More Fun, Exciting and Real

 As previously mentioned, these open back headphones are great for making people feel like they are a part of the action.

Therefore, most people can attest to having a lot more fun and excitement with these versions when they are gaming, especially when they are playing online games that require winning by fighting with more than one player.

So, for those of you who want to know what it feels like to run, jump and shoot your competitors, you can get the real-life experience with the open back headphones.


If you are thinking about purchasing a new set of headphones for your gaming experience, it is essential that you are doing your homework first. Since there are different types of headphones that have been designed by today’s manufacturers, there is a lot that you can make your selections from. In fact, two of the most common types that you may make your choices from includes the open back headphones and the closed back headphones.

Each of which has benefits to making these purchases. However, when it comes to the headphones sets that are usually best for the gaming world, the open back headphones are considered to be an excellent buy for at least 10 reasons.

With this in mind, the open back headphones usually supply a much better game for the avid gamers since they will allow the player to play many hours at a time comfortably. Gamers tend to be much more comfortable because of the features that facilitate a more relaxed feel to the ears. Also, if a player does not like the experience of feeling closed-in to a lot of noises inside of their head, they can get a little more relief by using the open back headphones that cut down on these sounds.

These games can also become a lot more exhilarating and real since gives the person the experience of being transported down into the midst of the gaming activities. As a result, the shots that gamers make are much more accurately calculated.

The open back headphones help to provide a dual listening environment for those who want to take instructions from others during a live game.


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