Seven Tricks to Make a Responsive Website

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In the current year, websites are becoming accessible across many platforms. But none is more popular right now than mobile. Mobile data access has revolutionized the way developers are designing their stuff. Web pages and applications you find in your personal computer now have a mobile version or are soon

Check Out The 4 Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas to Try


Mobile app marketing would be much simpler if acquiring a user meant that you could expect them to not only install your app, but also stick around to partake in post-install events. But earning an install doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see further engagement. According to one study, the average Android

Be On Time: How to Develop Punctuality as a Student


There is nothing worse than the dread you feel when you are late to class, and still need to enter the room. The whispers and smirks around you, the sour look of your professor. You are flustered and feeling down during the rest of the class. It is extremely hard

Safeguarding Mobile and Wearables Technology


The global smartphone market is worth $355 billion and there are 6 billion devices in circulation by 2020. The phenomenal growth of mobile and wearable technologies has made daily life and work easier and convenient but it also comes at a price of possible data breaches. The first half of the year saw

Four Important Ways to Improve Your Blog

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Whether you like to travel, take photos of your outfits, or are looking to compile useful information for your business, it’s imperative that you have a blog. To most people, this means a simple WordPress website with some random posts and no coherent thought behind it. If this is your

How to create a profitable web portal and website?

Surviving in a competitive online racket is quite tedious and winning success is undoubtedly a huge ask. Companies looking to a flying start in such a stiff market have to be schooled about the importance of web portals. It is all about roping in a potential client base that counts.

The Best E-commerce Analytics Tools That You Can Use for Free

Not everyone has the money for premium e-commerce analytics so this guide is going to focus on finding the best ones that you can use for free, read on for more. Keeping an eye on your analytics is one of the most critical parts of e-commerce thanks to the less hands-on

5 Tips to creating a user-friendly website in Canada

There are many advantages to creating a user –friendly website. One of the benefits is that it determines user satisfaction. This is one of the parameters that you can use to gauge the success of your website especially in business and social aspects. Through a few tips on creating a

5 Android Apps to Use for SEO

You have a smartphone, right? Did you know that the gadget you use for all your communication can help you a great deal when you want to improve the organic ranking of your website? Probably not! What you need to know as an SEO expert, website owner, blogger, or small business

Protect Yourself: Why 2 Factor Authentication Works

In today’s age of technology, you have to be more diligent in securing your personal information. Cybercriminals have evolved from password stealing and have improved methods to steal your personal information. And that’s why 2fa solutions were made. Stick around and learn how 2FA can help save your data and

Your Blog, Altruism, Reputation and Success

In the fast-paced modern world, it can sometimes be easy to lose track of certain elements in society, including charity. Philanthropy, however, can be just the driver your blog or business needs. According to Forbes, the 20 most reputable U.S. companies utilize charity on a regular basis to enhance their brand and

Why Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand?

Content marketing does not take the place of SEO as many digital marketers think. Google is clear that its ranking is mainly determined by providing relevant content. The number of keywords in a page comes later. However, content marketing and SEO are almost inseparable since they overlap with each other.

Hostinger vs. Dreamhost: Which one Rules The Web-Hosting World

So, you want to open your own website? Well, you must have thought about web hosting then. Whether you are an expert web developer or a rookie website owner, it doesn’t matter. You must know how important web hosting is for the website development. Website hosting is one of the

4 Tips to Learning Programming At Home

Technology has made learning easier. If you want to become a programmer, you no longer need to go to a traditional classroom to learn the skills. This is because you can teach yourself how to code from the comfort of your home. The internet has all the resources that you

15 Necessary Skills To Be Successful In The Study

It is not easy to study at the university. It is a fact that you cannot disapprove. Nevertheless, it does not mean you cannot study with pleasure. In this article, the group of experts is ready to share 15 of the most effective study tips to help you become the