Thunderspy Security Vulnerability: How To Deal With It?

Thunderspy Security Vulnerability: How To Deal With It

Thunderbolt is a hardware brand interface and a product of Intel. It helps the communication between the computers and external devices. Most companies prefer the use of Thunderbolt interface. It is easy to crack the security of Thunderbolt using Thunderspy security vulnerability. In this article, we will talk about Thunderspy

Some Of The Best Identity Theft Protection Services

identity theft

The number of identity theft crimes has been exponentially increasing that involves crimes ranging from credit-card frauds to mishandling security numbers and also full-on impersonation. You need to have the best plans with you to keep yourself safe from identity theft. A good identity theft protection service will not only

How To Block Robocalls?


Unknown numbers, making your phone ring throughout the day are one of the most irritating things everyone has to face. These are the robocalls that make us hyperventilate and get on our nerves are still increasing. Reports say that almost 48 billion robocalls had been made in the year 2018

Ransomware: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Data

Change The APN Services on Android phone

In this day and age, when we all use our computers for so many things, for both work and personal reasons, we have many cybersecurity threats to watch out for. In particular, a big one is an issue for individuals, businesses, and organizations alike, called ransomware.  This specialized hacker attack has

How Useful is A VPN in the US?

How To Protect Your Images From Online Theft

There are some neat hidden benefits to using a VPN in the US, aside from enhancing your privacy and security. Let’s start off light, and show how you can unblock content with a US VPN – whether it’s Netflix’s international libraries, foreign streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, or more. Unlock More

What is DeepFake?


An Example of a deepfake. Image courtesy: Introduction Have you ever imagined a world where machines and Artificial Intelligence are controlling and affecting the authenticity of truth? With the advancement of AI, we're getting closer to such an era where AI can photoshop images and videos even better than professional movie

What Is BGP Hijacking?

Ethiopia hacking US journalist: Spyware vendors may have helped

BGP Hijacking is a kind of cyberattack; the Internet traffics are rerouted to the attacker's server or dead-end instead of a legitimate destination. BGP is the most important and underlying protocol on which the internet routing works. Due to BGP hijacking, the data packets rerouted and are intercepted by attackers