macOS Mojave: All About Desktop Stacks


No matter what operating systems you prefer for your use, all of you will agree on one point, that desktop of a computer is undoubtedly the most preferred location of saving files. You do not need to look for files from one drive to another. if the files are important

macOS Mojave: All About Dynamic Desktop

dynamic desktop

Apple has recently released the macOS Mojave. The new macOS version 10.14 has brought a plethora of interesting and useful utility features like dynamic desktop, continuity camera, improved Finder, Safari, dark mode, etc. Now coming to the Dynamic Desktop Feature, computer and mobile manufacturers are looking deep into the issue

macOS Mojave: All About Continuity Camera

continuity camera

The process of converting printed photos or what we say hard copies and documents , into digital formats has become so easy. Previously, only scanning was an option for users. So, unless one had a hefty scanner, it wasn't possible to convert a printed file to digital image. Now with

How To Stop Apps From Accessing Your Mac’s Camera And Microphone (Mojave)


MacOS Mojave is here with tighter security features that will make it obscure for web trackers and hackers to access the camera and microphone. Before, Mac incorporated the access permission settings for your location, contacts, photos, calendar and reminders. Now Mojave has included two of the most ignored yet most

How To Enable Night Shift On Mac OS X?

night mode

Mac OS X has also introduced the Night Shift feature which is nothing but the blue light filter. The function of the night shift is basically to turn on the blue light filter on the operating system and help improve sleep of users who use PC till late night. Almost

How To Convert Batch of Images On Mac OS X?


In Mac operating system, converting image files is not an easy straight forward process. It is not difficult either. But all you need to do follow some simple steps. If you want to convert an image from png to jpeg or any other format, then check our article. Mac also

How To Set up New Users, Guests On Your Mac OS X?

new user

The following tutorial will help you to create new users, guest account or group on Mac OS X. The process of creating user is similar to that of creating a group. There are primarily four types of accounts. These are administrator, standard, parental control, sharing only. Administrator: The administrator account

How To Force Mac OS X To Ignore A Public WiFi Network?

Nowadays, most coffee shops and restaurants have public wifi networks for customers. No matter Wifi and internet can ruin a good meal or a conversation, but the popularity of these restaurants and eateries depend on the infrastructure and free internet is an important criteria. Now, we all know that free

Step By Step Method To Clean Up MacBook

Clean up MacBook Step by Step The first thing you should do when you find your MacBook to be sluggish and slow is cleaning it up. Over the time, the junk files, app leftover, user junk, internet junk, slow down your MacBook. Here is the step by step process to clean

How to Keep Your Mac in Shape?

  Image source No gadget is immune to glitches, slowdowns, bugs or other technical problems. Macbooks can have such problems too. So, you must take care of your Macbook to keep it healthy, happy and safe. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your Macbook in good shape: 1) Backing up

Wondershare Data Recovery: A great data recovery tool for Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery is an ultimate tool for recovering lost data for Mac OS X. When computer data is lost, recovering that becomes a horrendous experience. These includes situations when you have accidentally deleted any file, formatted the device, factory reset without keeping any backup of the same etc. If

Mac OS X: How To Log Out after a period of Inactivity?

How To Log Off Your Mac After A Set Period Of Inactivity?

The following tutorial will let you know how to log out after a period of inactivity on your Macbook. By default, this feature is turned off, which means no matter how long your Mac is inactive, it will not go to sleep. If you want to save some battery and

How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X?

How To Record Your iPhone Screen On OS X?

Recording an iPhone screen is not an easy task unless you own a Macbook. There are several methods of recording iPhone screen especially if you are dealing with a jailbroken device. Then also, the screen recording experience is not so smooth. So the best and the easiest way is to

Quitter app for Mac keeps you less distracted from other apps

Quitter app for Mac

Marco Arment who is known for making apps like Instapaper and Overcast has come up with a new application for Mac users- Quitter. Mac is a platform that has been less navigated by this developer and hence Quitter, being the first release by Arment for Mac holds importance. The new

Some tips to make using Mac App Store easier

MAC App Store

Mac users who use the Mac App Store to purchase Apps will know the headache of entering the password every time you open it. if you are expecting that we shall give you a tip that never asks for your password, then you are a bit wrong. This article will

How to capture screenshots in OS X El Capitan?

How to capture screenshots in OS X El Capitan?

Screen capture is a useful feature that we need to use almost every now and then. There are several different ways to capture screenshots in OS X El Capitan. Here are some: 1. If you want to capture the entire screen at one shot, press the key combinations Command+Shift+3. 2. The screenshots