CodeLobster IDE Review: The Free Cross Platform IDE


Integrated Development Environment or IDE is an application which provides a dynamic environment for the software developers and programmers for hassle-free development and coding. The basic components of an IDE are source code editor, debugger and build automation tools. Some IDEs may include a compiler, interpreter or both, and some may not include any either

Building a Local Travel Platform. Best Practices and Core Features

“Living like a local” is a popular concept among consumers — rather than participating in curated tourist experiences, travelers want to see a city from the perspective of someone who lives there. Moreover, for IT specialists this trend creates exciting opportunities in local mobile app development. With a local app, you can provide services

4 Tips to Updating Your Computer Software


The software that is installed in your computer needs to be updated regularly. This helps to ensure that the security of your computer is not compromised. In case you didn’t know, outdated software increases your vulnerability to cyber attacks. Besides that, such software denies you an opportunity to experience new

How Much Does Snapseed Cost?

Snapseed is a common photo editing application for smartphones. It has a lot of fantastic features and that is why its popularity has had an upward trend for long. How much then does it cost? Maybe you are really concerned about the much you may need to incur in order to have it. You

How to Set Up a Vinyl Recorder?

If you're a record player geek and are wondering how to get the most out of your rescue player, this is the perfect place for you. In this guide, we will explain to you how to set your vinyl record player to get the maximum out of it. Choose the Best Equipment Choosing the right

Apple Rolls Out Second Beta Of watchOS 6

Apple has recently launched the second beta version of watchOS 6, the operating system platform of its Apple Watches. Apple released the first new update of watchOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, held in the first week of June. This week, the second Beta version has rolled out. Users

7 Best New Rooftop Pools Of 2019 Across The World

When it’s summer, there is nothing more refreshing than a swimming session in the pool. For all people, who love to go on a vacation in summer, they always find relief by spending some time in the pool. If the pool is a rooftop one, then the excitement knows no bound. There are many

Challenges For Local Business Websites In 2019

Local business website faces a myriad of challenges in their effort to remain at the top. They must work hard to enhance their local ranking so as to tap from online traffic. Unfortunately, ranking well in local searches, maintaining a good profile and dealing with reviews are challenges that businesses

What Is Gamification?


To begin with, you must have noticed that we all have tendency to play games, or complete rewards, or earn mastery in a game. Whenever, we find a chance to play casual small games, like quiz, small puzzles, we do it! This gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This psychology or natural

What Will Apple Announce At WWDC 2019?

Apple will hold the much-coveted World Wide Developer Conference on June 3, 2019. There is already a huge excitement regarding the same. Apple fans are already wondering what Apple has kept in store for its fans. Check out the Dates and Timelines of Apple’s software programs launch. The WWDC event is mainly for developers and

How To Turn On Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger App?

messenger dark mode

Facebook Messenger App for Android has introduced a Dark Mode. Now, most platforms and applications are introducing Dark Mode in their interfaces for a number of reasons. The Dark Mode saves your battery by turning off the backlight in the interface. Besides, dark mode protects your eyes from unnecessary scorching

DearMob iPhone Manager Review and Giveaway

What Are The Possible Backup Methods in iOS Devices? There are two media of backing up data in iOS device, one is the iTunes and the other one is iCloud. iOS users are well aware of iTunes and iCloud. iTunes is the media player and mobile device management system developed by Apple for its iOS