Top Hashtags To Reign On Instagram In 2019


Hashtags on Instagram are very common and known to almost everyone. But very few know the concept behind hashtags. Hashtags help you reach your target audience on Instagram. Active users on Instagram searches for photos and videos using hashtags of their preferences and relevance. Suppose you are a photographer and

How To Follow A Particular Post On A Facebook Group?


If you are a member of one or many Facebook Groups, then you must have seen that out of the numerous posts uploaded throughout the day, only a handful of them is useful and relevant to you. Many users type f in the comment section. If you have been wondering

How To Disable Read Receipts Blue Tick On WhatsApp?

read receipts

Read receipts on WhatsApp are actually the blue ticks that we see when a message sent to a recipient has been viewed. There are several advantages if you keep your read receipts enabled. You can know whether the message you sent someone has been read, and at the same time

How To Change The Privacy Of Your Facebook Posts All At Once?


The privacy of Facebook has become a questionable thing! After the back to back data debacles and data breach, Facebook itself had mentioned that users whose posts were not open to public were saved from the access token hacking incident. So, it is advisable to always set your posts privacy

How To Turn On Multilingual Posts On Facebook?


Facebook allows a user to write Facebook posts in multiple languages. This feature was mainly started for celebrities who have fans and followers across the world who speak different language. So, the same post written by the personality appears in different languages and can be read by all.  The feature

How To Change The Translated Language On Facebook?

Facebook has a translation option that enables you to read messages of any language in the world. Facebook translates the text into the language that you understand.  How does Facebook understands this? The answer is simple. When you first come across a language that is not among the ones you

How To Turn Off Face Recognition On Facebook?

FACE recognition

When using Facebook, you must have noticed that Facebook can easily detect your face on any photo where you are present. It may be a photo posted by you, or posted by any of your friends. It might surprise you how Facebook detects your face but the reality is that

How To Reset Your iPhone Without Password?

install dr fone unlock

Why Do You Need To Reset Your iPhone? iPhones need to be reset for a number of reasons. Nowadays, we do not stick to a single model of smartphone. We tend to change our phone after a span of 6 months or one year or maximum 2 years. When we sell

Undertale Creator Toby Fox Releases Mysterious Game Deltarune


Toby Fox, the creator of the popular game Undertale, has released a mysterious game called "Deltarune" on the occasion of Halloween. The name Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. This instigates a curiosity if Deltarune is actually a sequel of Undertale. Well, it can be sequel or just a new

Google Doodle’s First Ever MultiPlayer Game For Halloween

halloween google doodle

Google Doodle has always made headlines for their innovative ideas. Be it the series of games on Olympics or the Black cat games for Halloween or the innovative doodles for various events. For the first time ever, Google has launched a multiplayer game for Google Doodle on the occasion of

Apple Pencil 2.0 Details Leaked: Unveils Exciting Features

Apple Pencil

    Apple is all geared up with its upcoming "More In the Making" event. While, there was a conjecture that Apple will launch the Apple Pencil 2.0 on this event, the details of the said gadget has already been leaked. The leaked information reveals some exciting features. Ben Geskin, the famous, rather

China Launching Lunar Lighting Into Outer Space


China is adumbrating plans to launch its own artificial moon by 2020. The main purpose of this moon will be to become a strong substitute of street lamps. We know that in urban areas, cost of electricity and the recurring electricity consumption is extremely high. A huge amount of electricity