Website Technology Checkers. How Do They Work?

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There are many tools to determine which technology each website is using. They can typically detect the web server, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions, contact data, and even outreach tools. Who would be interested in using these tools/apps? - IT professionals running surveillance - Market researchers - Curious people are trying to understand which technology

3D Printing Revolutionazing Face Transplant

Face transplant is one of the most challenging transplant surgeries where the damaged face of a living person is superimposed by an undamaged face of a recently deceased person. There are many patients whose face get completely ruined due to some severe car accidents, or even attacks like bomb acid. Doctors help these patients

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay Option On Twitter?

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Social Media applications and websites have video play support and every application or social media website now use this feature. Video autoplay means, whenever you are scrolling down or up the website, the video starts playing automatically, even if you have not tapped on the play button. The video which

Gemini-Battery Powered Display With Kickstand Priced At $159


Gemini is a battery powered display with 15.6 inch dimension and comes with a kickstand. There are several interesting options in portable displays and some of the amazing devices are from HP. In office and educational institutions, we often require multiple screens for casting or presentation. Gemini is highly flexible physically as well as

How To Mute Certain Words In Notifications, Tweets And Hashtags On Twitter


Twitter or any other social media website is full of a variety of news. Some are sensitive, related to crime, politics and some are normal. As you know, Twitter profile timeline and Newsfeed display different popular tweets, usually which are trending. Some may contain graphic violence, or some tweets may contain abusive or threatening words

China Grows The First Plant On Moon

China is one of the top few countries that have made immense progress in space science and astronomy. The latest feather in China’s cap goes for growing plants on the moon and it is the first country in the world to do so. The experiment was carried out in the far side of the

Xiaomi Improving In-Display Fingerprint Scanner In Upcoming Handsets

Currently, there is a new trend in mobile device designs, having the minimal bezel. Hence, phone manufacturers have got a chance to venture into different experiments and technologies to bring out phones with minimum bezel or even without a bezel. This has taken developers and engineers into making an on screen fingerprint scanner. Many models

How To Format Your Resume

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Resumes are different for each job title and industry. In design, you want a resume template that is going to show off your personality, organization, and creativity. However, a high-profile executive resume may be more like a CV or curriculum vitae, where it includes a list of all your previous

LG UPlus Collaborate With Google To Co-Produce VR Content

VR Content

Google introduced Virtual Reality support in its biggest video streaming platform YouTube back in 2015. YouTube app for Android got the feature first. Now, Google is expanding its plans for VR platform by collaborating with LG UPlus. LG UPlus is the cellular carrier wing of LG. LG, with an ambition

3 Signs That You Need a Computer Upgrade In 2019


Computers were invented to make tasks easier. In fact, both individuals and businesses need computers. Some use them for managing processes in production units while others use them for communicating. And that’s not all. There are still others that use them for gaming purposes. The list is actually endless. However,

Camcorder Pirates In India May Face Hefty Fines Of $14000 And 3 Years In Prison


Piracy is a growing menace of our society, especially the digital media industry. Media industries incur heavy loss in revenue due to piracy and people, who purchase or downloaded pirated movies, music and games contribute largely in leveraging this loss. So, in order to save the country’s economy from jeopardizing, we must pledge to fight

Samsung Announces It will add support for Google apps to Bixby and more

Samsung at CES

The CES 2019 is going on full-fledged and it is needless to say that Samsung will showcase many gadgets of its own. Besides those exquisite gadgets, Samsung has expressed their future plans with artificial intelligence and 5G. When talking about Artificial Intelligence, Google is planning to expand the reach of Bixby artificial intelligent personal

How To Turn On/Off Sync With Your Google Account For Chrome?

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Google Chrome allows you to sync your Google account to the Chrome browser. When you enable the synchronization feature, all your searches, relevant websites and frequently visited URLs and links are synchronized across all your devices. This is an important feature. For example, if you use a banking

How To Enable Auto Connect of Wi-Fi On Your Android Smartphone?


Android devices have auto-connect option enabled for Wi-Fi settings. When auto connect is enabled, whenever there is a known or previously connected Wi-Fi network, your phone automatically connects to that Wi-Fi network. You need to connect to the Wi-Fi for the first time and from then, it will get connected automatically everytime you are in

Intel Demonstrates 10 nm Ice lake Chip At CES 2019

intel ice lake

The CES 2019 event is here and like every year, technology and electronics companies have gathered to showcase their finest devices. Intel first conceptualized Cannon Lake Processor back in 2016 but the launch was not possible due to some unavoidable events. Now, in CES 2019, the company has debuted its 10 nm Ice Lake