What Will Apple Announce At WWDC 2019?

Apple will hold the much-coveted World Wide Developer Conference on June 3, 2019. There is already a huge excitement regarding the same. Apple fans are already wondering what Apple has kept in store for its fans. Check out the Dates and Timelines of Apple’s software programs launch. The WWDC event is mainly for developers and

How To Turn On Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger App?

messenger dark mode

Facebook Messenger App for Android has introduced a Dark Mode. Now, most platforms and applications are introducing Dark Mode in their interfaces for a number of reasons. The Dark Mode saves your battery by turning off the backlight in the interface. Besides, dark mode protects your eyes from unnecessary scorching

DearMob iPhone Manager Review and Giveaway

What Are The Possible Backup Methods in iOS Devices? There are two media of backing up data in iOS device, one is the iTunes and the other one is iCloud. iOS users are well aware of iTunes and iCloud. iTunes is the media player and mobile device management system developed by Apple for its iOS

Google Adds Auto Delete Option For Location History And Activity Data

Google Adds Auto Delete Option For Location History And Activity Data

Google allows you to remove location history and other information about navigation from your Android devices. Removing location-based data is possible, but not quite easy. The process is rather cumbersome, as you have to manually delete all navigation data. In Android devices or other platform devices, which support Google’s navigation, the users have to

How To Create A Scrapbook For Your Child On Facebook?


Facebook allows members of age 13 years and above, to have their own Facebook profile. If you are an adult and also a parent, it is obvious that you would want to preserve the invaluable and precious memories of your child. Facebook has an option to create a scrapbook for your child. You can

Google Bans The Very Popular DO Global Developer For Fraud Ad Agenda

Google recently found out that the very famous Android developer DO Global, owned by the popular Chinese firm Baidu,  has been committing fraud ad agenda. As an action, Google has banned the Android developer and removed its 100 odd apps from Play Store. These apps have been permanently removed from

2000 Year Old Roman BathHouse Hammam Essalihine Still In Use

hammam essahiline

Hammam Essahiline, Image Courtesy: Ghezal Tarek Ruins of Rome and Roman Architecture have always been of great interest among people. Despite silence, they speak volumes about the history, the life and the glory of Rome. Roman architecture has a place of its own in the history of mankind. One such piece of architectural excellence

How To Enable Night Mode On Android One UI?


Android lacked one thing till date, a night mode, but with Android One UI, we now get a Night Mode. However, unlike other platforms, we do not have a full dedicated night mode in Android. That is, the UI of the phone is converted to night mode, but it does

How To Turn On Accidental Touch Protection In Android One UI?

acc touch protection

Accidental Touch Protection is a new feature that has come with Android One UI version. Sometimes, when your phone is in your bag or in your pocket, due to unintended pressure, any point of the touch screen may get pressed. This is called Accidental Touch. Previously, there was no way

How To Switch To The New Twitter?


Twitter has refurbished its old traditional look and got a new makeover. The overall look has been made comparatively more funky because the icons, graphics have been changed. The layout has been modified and brought to a center stage. Previously, the Tweet button was at the top right corner of

How To Turn On Data Saver On Twitter?

twitter data saver

Data Saver is an important setting in Twitter. The function of the Data Saver is to reduce the consumption of internet data by reducing the image sizes, reducing video quality and disabling autoplay of videos. While using the Twitter app on Android or iOS, you must have noticed that the

How To Change Your Facebook Username?

facebook username

Every user on Facebook has a unique username. It is not the name that you set on your profile. It is the name that is added as a suffix to Facebook's website URL. It is in the form facebook.com/username, where username is your Facebook unique user name. Names can be