How much energy does a smart home save?

So, you surely have heard about a variety of smart home appliances that not only can make your life easier but also decrease energy consumption at your home. You might be wondering if they are as good as manufacturers make them look like. Well, in this article, you will find

8 Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education

Artificial Intelligence is no longer present only in science fiction movies. It is rapidly becoming a part of all the industries and everyday lives. There are plenty of assistants and other tools that are changing the way we see education. AI in education is expected to grow by 47.50% between

Space Junk And Space Debris

Space Junk And Space Debris

About 500,000 pieces of debris or space junk are tracked to revolve around the Earth with a relative speed of about 17,500 mph which is enough for a smallest part of the collection to destroy an entire satellite or a spacecraft. With its growing numbers it has increased the risk towards the spaceships, humans

Technologies Used In FIFA World Cup

Every even non leap year is a year of great entertainment and excitement for many people all over the world. The reason is nothing but the holding of the FIFA World Cup. First started in 1930 as the Jules Rimet Trophy, the World Cup is still gaining growing popularity day by day. It

Games That Activates Your Brain Cell


Hey, are you looking for something that would help you to exercise your brain? Do you love to play games? If both of your answers are “YES” then you have come to the correct website. Playing games don’t always mean online games such as League of Legends, PUBG or Fortnite: Battle Royale. It also

The Supercomputer That Performs 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Operations Per Second

A supercomputer may be defined as a computer which performs at nearly the highest operational rate for computers. Many complicated, dangerous, expensive experiments can be taken virtually with such computers. Many testing of nuclear experiments such as measuring the parameter of blasts can be done virtually with the help of supercomputers. The govt laboratory in Illinois,

MIT’s New Interesting Take On Cyber Agriculture

With the advent of the modern era, agriculture has also developed with time and so, cyber agriculture has evolved proving it to be more advantageous in growing an ordinary basil plant by watering it. The research was a result of a study by MIT and the University of Texas with an aim to improve

Quantum Teleportation: A Reality Very Soon


In 2017, photons from Tibet were beamed to a satellite, 300 miles ahead, by physicists. The question of them being far behind always arises. Quantum teleportation won’t port you physically from one place to another, but would help in transmitting data securely, which is indeed a tedious and confusing job. Photons and atoms are the

Neptune’s New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune's New Satellite Discovered: A Surivor of Collision

Neptune  Neptune has a total of 14 moons. The largest moon is Triton which was discovered by William Lassell just seventeen days after Neptune was found. The Hubble Telescope had discovered the 14th moon in 2013 by the Astronomer Mark Showalter, a senior research scientist, through the images taken by that particular telescope. The presence of this moon increases the