5 PC Games That Ruled 2018

Who does not like to play games? We play games whenever we get leisure time. The happiness we get at winning is unexplainable and so they win our hearts. In 2018, PC games that had won millions of hearts across the globe are uncountable. Here are the 5 popular games of 2018 amongst

The Supercomputer That Performs 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Operations Per Second

A supercomputer may be defined as a computer which performs at nearly the highest operational rate for computers. Many complicated, dangerous, expensive experiments can be taken virtually with such computers. Many testing of nuclear experiments such as measuring the parameter of blasts can be done virtually with the help of supercomputers. The govt laboratory in Illinois,

Should Downloading Free Music Be Illegal?

Nearly twenty years after Napster, a peer-to-peer music sharing website appeared, the music industry is still wrestling with the issue of illegal downloads and how to generate enough revenue from online streaming. In the pre-digital era, music fans bought CDs, in huge volumes, making the music industry as profitable as newspapers.

Things you can replace on your car by yourself

Car repairs and maintenance can be very costly. Many people forget to include them in their budget but it is one thing you start thinking about. For many people, there is only fuel and perhaps oil after every three months to worry about. Every other maintenance cost is completely ignored. And

5 Best ways to Charter Limousines


Are you planning to have a wedding full of glamour? Or are you organizing a meeting with your most revered business partner? And you feel that you need to give the particular occasion the best that you can to make it memorable forever? Chartering a limousine service to grace your

Apps That Make Everyday Money Management Simpler

63 percent of smart phone owners in America have added one or more financial apps to their mobile devices, according to Bankrate.com. The hottest apps provide a host of benefits. Some allow users to enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Others make it so easy to manage and

Top Devops Trends Going on in 2019


There is a lot of change going on in our world, specifically in the area of business. In particular, how business and technology continue to become more intertwined. There are always new practices being innovated, aimed at simplifying or optimizing how a company works. One of these practices that has been

Recycling: The Last Resort To Save Our Planet

At this present state of this world, people are facing a no. of problems in their everyday lives both environmentally and personally. Environmental problems are of more concern and must be dealt efficiently. One amongst them is the problem of dealing with non-recyclable goods mainly plastic.  India, facing such tough circumstances, resolved that it won’t accept

Do You Know The Mass Of The Milky Way?

Well, have you ever thought how big the Galaxy, in which we are living, actually is? How much does it weigh? We are least bothered to be honest. The Human Being, according to the Human Nature, wants to stay trillions of miles away from such complex issues. But modern technology has remarkably grown the

Check Out The Top 3 Sonic Games

Sonic the Hedgehog does not lose his popularity during the last 26 years. We saw him fighting on the front lines of the Console Wars in the '90s, signing with Mario and going on to pal up with him in various activities. Sonic games have a sense of speed and

5 Things To Know About Managed Security Services


Cyber threats and cybersecurity issues are fast becoming a difficult struggle for many entrepreneurs around the world. According to recent research, there is a significant increase in hacked data from the sources that you commonly use in your office such as mobile and IoT devices. Cyber threats and cybersecurity issues

3D Printing Revolutionazing Face Transplant

Face transplant is one of the most challenging transplant surgeries where the damaged face of a living person is superimposed by an undamaged face of a recently deceased person. There are many patients whose face get completely ruined due to some severe car accidents, or even attacks like bomb acid. Doctors help these patients

China Grows The First Plant On Moon

China is one of the top few countries that have made immense progress in space science and astronomy. The latest feather in China’s cap goes for growing plants on the moon and it is the first country in the world to do so. The experiment was carried out in the far side of the

3 Signs That You Need a Computer Upgrade In 2019


Computers were invented to make tasks easier. In fact, both individuals and businesses need computers. Some use them for managing processes in production units while others use them for communicating. And that’s not all. There are still others that use them for gaming purposes. The list is actually endless. However,