SpaceX To Fly Space Passengers To ISS Next Year


Axiom, Houston’s private space company had established a business relationship with SpaceX to take the paying tourists to the ISS flying close to the second half of 2021. According to their deals, the Crew Dragon capsule would be used by SpaceX for ferrying 3 tourists along with an Axiom staff member so as to

How much energy does a smart home save?

So, you surely have heard about a variety of smart home appliances that not only can make your life easier but also decrease energy consumption at your home. You might be wondering if they are as good as manufacturers make them look like. Well, in this article, you will find

All you need to know about emotion recognition technology

In recent years, AI has found applications in many different fields. One of them is emotion recognition technology. How does it work? A computer, or even a mini PC, can tell what emotions you are experiencing thanks to machine learning. Although initially, such predictions were often inaccurate, with time, the algorithm

What Are Gaming Routers and Are They Worth Buying? 

You can assemble the most sophisticated PC build but if you’re experiencing terrible lag and unreliable internet speed, everything’s a waste. So if you love upgrading your PC parts, you also might want to upgrade your router.  What are Gaming Routers? Gaming routers are routers designed specifically for console and PC users

5 Steps To Become A UI/UX Designer


There are more and more job offers for UI/UX designers popping up. And people are willing to pay well for these kinds of services. So naturally, you want to know what the fuss is all about. And what are the requirements to perform such a job. It's never too late to change

Easy Ways on How to Get Spotify Premium For Free

Millions of users are making use of tricks and hacks so that they can use Spotify Premium with a free account. Truth is, you will find modified Spotify app versions when you search online such as Spotify++ which allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a Spotify Premium account

How to Transfer Offline Business to Online?

The Internet has made it possible to start a business with minimal costs. For example, to make your online clothing store, you do not need to spend money on renting space, the salaries of consultants, expensive to withdraw and purchase goods. You can buy things on the fact of the

Financial Minimalism And Problems That It Poses

It's really such a  personalized topic and each of us is  going to be different, but generally there are few ways that are going to end up giving  you the fastest results, if you want to end up making more money.  First, if you're  ready have a job right

Check Out The Best New Home Technologies

smart key

If you are a technology junkie, the latest innovations in home tech will put a smile on your face. We think technology should make your life easier, and there is a range of gadgets and gear that will take your home into the future ... now. Whether it is eliminating those mundane