How To Convert An Image File Type On Mac OS X?

When you deal with image files on any operating system, it is often necessary to convert of one type of image to a different file type. For example, when you

Oppo F9

Oppo F9 Comes With a Sleek design And A Teardrop Screen Cutout

Screen cut out is that portion of a smartphone which contains the front facing camera, the phone speaker, etc. It is usually at the top of the screen. Different handsets


palm peptio

New Android handset By Palm Codenamed ‘Pepito’ Images Leaked

Recently an FCC filing contained information about new phone by Palm . The smartphone is probably on its way for launch. The device is presently codenamed as Pepito. The device

samsung s9

Samsung Starts Reservation For Its Unannounced Note 9 Arriving in August

There is a great news for Samsung fan boys as well as high end phone lovers. Samsung has initiated reservations for the unannounced but upcoming Note 9. You have to