web designing

How To Format Your Resume

Resumes are different for each job title and industry. In design, you want a resume template that is going to show off your personality, organization, and creativity. However, a high-profile

VR Content

LG UPlus Collaborate With Google To Co-Produce VR Content

Google introduced Virtual Reality support in its biggest video streaming platform YouTube back in 2015. YouTube app for Android got the feature first. Now, Google is expanding its plans for


TV lift

A Guide to Making a Drop Down TV Lift for Your Home

Have you recently moved to a really tiny place where you just can’t fit another commode in? You could want to keep a fragile device away from children’s destructive games

dex pad

Dex Pad Turns Your Samsung Smartphone Into A Desktop Computer

Dex Pad is a device that can turn your Samsung smartphone to a desktop computer. The Dex Pad is originally priced at $76. Ever since, it has been on sale at Amazon,