How To Switch To The New Twitter?


Twitter has refurbished its old traditional look and got a new makeover. The overall look has been made comparatively more funky because the icons, graphics have been changed. The layout has been modified and brought to a center stage. Previously, the Tweet button was at the top right corner of

How To Turn On Data Saver On Twitter?

twitter data saver

Data Saver is an important setting in Twitter. The function of the Data Saver is to reduce the consumption of internet data by reducing the image sizes, reducing video quality and disabling autoplay of videos. While using the Twitter app on Android or iOS, you must have noticed that the

How To Change Your Facebook Username?

facebook username

Every user on Facebook has a unique username. It is not the name that you set on your profile. It is the name that is added as a suffix to Facebook's website URL. It is in the form, where username is your Facebook unique user name. Names can be

How To Share Memories In Instagram App?


Instagram users have also started getting the Memories feature just like Facebook. Facebook launched the memories feature and it turned out be a great success. No wonder they included the same feature in its other company, Instagram. Right now, there is a difference between the Memories of Facebook and that

5 Hidden Instagram Features You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are an occasional Instagram user, you are probably abreast of most of the app’s latest features. There are so many cool features that most Instagram users are unaware of, or rarely use. Instagram keeps on introducing new features that might bypass you not unless you see another person using since they never announce all of them. Some

6 Tips on Making Your First Social Media App

Needing help getting your first social media app launched? Keep reading to learn 6 tips on how to create a social media app. So you want to be the next Facebook? As social media platforms continue to grow, so does the competition. When making your app, there are some things

6 Tips To Use YouTube For Growing Your Small Business


The number of YouTube viewers keeps on growing, and Statista estimates that the number is expected to increase to 1.86 billion users in 2021. A survey by Statista in 2017 showed that more than 50% of mobile users claimed to watch videos daily on YouTube.   Most often when people talk

What Does It Take to Monetize Your Blog in 2019?

monetize blog

source: Tips on How to Make Money With Your Blog A personal blog can be thought of as a tool with which its owner can significantly increase their income. To get it off the ground, you should have a pretty good idea of what types of informational websites are

WhatsApp For iOS Adds Touch ID and Face ID Support


iOS devices have received a new update on their WhatsApp application. Users will be able to activate touch ID and Face ID on the application. This will act as a means to lock your messenger app from anyone else with the help of these two encryption methods. Sometimes, it happens

How To Promote Your Twitter Account?


Twitter is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform where people interacts with the rest of the world in 140 characters. Although Twitter is no more restricted within just 140 characters, and has expanded far beyond it, yes Twitter is preferred by sports person, industrialists, television and movie celebrities, business persons,

How To Turn Off Video Autoplay Option On Twitter?

settings privacy autoplay

Social Media applications and websites have video play support and every application or social media website now use this feature. Video autoplay means, whenever you are scrolling down or up the website, the video starts playing automatically, even if you have not tapped on the play button. The video which