4 Useful Laptop Accessories You Should Own Today


Are you looking for ways to enhance your laptop in more ways than one?  Perhaps, you want to change its design, or you may also want to increase its performance. Either way, here are four useful laptop accessories you should start owning today: Change The Laptop’s Exterior Looks With A Skin Several

How Does Fingerprint Door Lock Work?

fingerprint door lock

Technology has literally taken control over our lives, and there is no second thought to it. Our lives are surrounded by technology in the most fascinating way. Be it gadgets, smartphones, computers, or home appliances, kitchen appliances, technology is everywhere. In this article, I shall talk about biometric door locks,

Jabra Elite 75T Review: Ultimate Audio Experience At Pocket Friendly Price

Jabra Elite 75T

Check out the review of Jabra Elite 75T Review: Amazing Look And Super Comfortable Fit Jabra 75T earphones have plastic body and are crafted carefully, in concurrence with the anatomy of the ears. Therefore, the earphones do not stick outside the ears, fit comfortably, and the light weight does not create any sense of discomfort to the

5 Trending Smartwatches For Managing Work From Home

5 Trending Smartwatches For Managing Work From Home

The world is all about smart devices today. Likely, a smartwatch is a person's buddy throughout the day. While working from home in this lockdown situation amalgamated with your smart buddy can make it feel a lot more than just a working day. With the smartwatch on your wrist, you can manage your work

How To Know Which Drone To Buy?

Find a good cheap drone with camera on this page if you want to film or photograph from a bird's eye view. We will list some interesting facts about drones as well as everything you need to know before deciding to buy a new quadrocopter. Our suggestions will facilitate your search,

Apple Pencil 1st Generation Review

apple pencil generation 1st

The first-generation Apple Pencil was launched in 2016 as a handy companion with Apple iPad Pro first generation. At that time, Apple Pencil was only compatible to the Pro model. Later on, the compatibility was expanded and now it works with iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and all Apple iPad Pro models up to

Dealing With The Apple Watch 4

Dealing With The Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 was introduced last year, and quite a lot of people have been raving about it. Of course, when we are talking about Apple products, we are dealing with a cult following, so there are quite a lot of people who are willing to standby the Apple

A Few Digital and Physical Security Tips for iPads


It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2C retailer, or just a normal person who loves their iPad, keeping your device(s) secure should be one of your top priorities. This is especially true for enterprise-level organizations that have large amounts of company-owned devices that require both digital and physical security solutions.  Also

The Most Efficient HP Printers With Low Maintenance Costs 

We’ve taken the time to research the best three HP printers on the market with the lowest maintenance costs so that you can enjoy your printer for years without having to worry about it breaking down. Remember to clean your printer once a month and use the in-built cleaning cycle

5 Top Smartwatches of 2020

apple watch

Traditional watches with their exquisite designs, stylish finishes, and unique watch parts will always be in demand. However, smartwatches now have a market of their own. They might have started out as an extension to your smartphone, but these watches have soon become standalone wearable technology.  Big tech companies like Apple,

D-Link’s New 5G Wi-Fi Router

Unless or until you were on mars or residing in the cave for the last 2 years, you must have heard the buzz regarding the new 5G technology wireless networks coming online. 5G network not only claims to be the fastest internet speeds to-date for mobile phones but wireless internet

Xiaomi Announces Mi 9 Pro 5G With Faster Reverse Charging

Xiaomi held an announcement event in China, where the Chinese company announced three new gadgets and also talked about some more realistic products,  going to hit the market soon. One of the devices, announced by Xiaomi is the new Mi 9 Pro 5G.  For Mi users, this has been a highly coveted handset as it promised

What Google Launched in “Made By Google 2019”?

Google recently held its annual hardware launch event, “Made by Google” in New York city. The company launched a plethora of new devices and services, such as Stadia, Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Aware, Pixel 4, etc. Stadia Google will be launching Stadia, its very own cloud video game streaming service on November

Dual Screen nubia Z20 Launches Globally At $549

Nubia Z20 has launched and it is now available for purchase across the world. The handset has integrated a secondary display at the back, the idea behind which is to remove notches and bezels from the front of the device. The secondary device can be used to capture selfies as well. nubia Z20 was launched

Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming To The United States On September 27, 2019

The much coveted Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally making its way to us on September 27, 2019. The foldable display concept created a brouhaha among everyone and the excitement soared high ever since its announcement, seven months back. Initially, Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be launched in April, but due to issues with the

The Best Accessories To Couple With Your iPhone

social media

If you’ve come down on the side of Apple when it comes to the enduring war of iPhone versus Android, then you might be weighing up your options in terms of accessories. After all, our smartphones aren’t just simply a means to check Facebook or call our mothers, they’re now