D-Link’s New 5G Wi-Fi Router

Unless or until you were on mars or residing in the cave for the last 2 years, you must have heard the buzz regarding the new 5G technology wireless networks coming online. 5G network not only claims to be the fastest internet speeds to-date for mobile phones but wireless internet

Xiaomi Announces Mi 9 Pro 5G With Faster Reverse Charging

Xiaomi held an announcement event in China, where the Chinese company announced three new gadgets and also talked about some more realistic products,  going to hit the market soon. One of the devices, announced by Xiaomi is the new Mi 9 Pro 5G.  For Mi users, this has been a highly coveted handset as it promised

What Google Launched in “Made By Google 2019”?

Google recently held its annual hardware launch event, “Made by Google” in New York city. The company launched a plethora of new devices and services, such as Stadia, Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Aware, Pixel 4, etc. Stadia Google will be launching Stadia, its very own cloud video game streaming service on November

Dual Screen nubia Z20 Launches Globally At $549

Nubia Z20 has launched and it is now available for purchase across the world. The handset has integrated a secondary display at the back, the idea behind which is to remove notches and bezels from the front of the device. The secondary device can be used to capture selfies as well. nubia Z20 was launched

Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming To The United States On September 27, 2019

The much coveted Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally making its way to us on September 27, 2019. The foldable display concept created a brouhaha among everyone and the excitement soared high ever since its announcement, seven months back. Initially, Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be launched in April, but due to issues with the

The Best Accessories To Couple With Your iPhone

If you’ve come down on the side of Apple when it comes to the enduring war of iPhone versus Android, then you might be weighing up your options in terms of accessories. After all, our smartphones aren’t just simply a means to check Facebook or call our mothers, they’re now

Tips for choosing the right tablet


2019 is undoubtedly a digitized age with modernism and technology surrounding us. It is considered inevitable to possess gadgets that are functional and up to date with the developing technology of today. Therefore, choosing the right electronics can be a hassle without particular guides or a set of adequate tips.  The

Want to Buy a Laptop for Gaming? Here’s What You Need to Know

If your gaming capabilities are improving, then there is a good chance that you are beginning to tire of your “regular” laptop. After all, these devices are designed for users who don’t require the kind of performance that you are looking for. Thus, they may be woefully underpowered for

Sell & Trade Phones more easily than Ever

In the very fast phased environment that we live in today, it wouldn’t come as a surprise the things that people constantly keep on changing. Mobile phones have become more of a necessity than an additional item you can add to your bag. This is the reason why a lot of different phone

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Students

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Students

School is approaching and you know what that means: it’s time to start shopping and investing in helpful school supplies for a productive academic year! In this day and age, we don’t just rely on books and pencils anymore. Gadgets add style and functionality to this equation. Gizmos can be pricey, which is why you

Dealing with Serious Hard Drive Failure: Tips and Tricks

No one expects to deal with hard drive failure, but the issue is still a risk worth paying attention to. Remember that the majority of your life – files related to your work, photos from the last family vacation, and much more data – is now stored digitally, so

Portable Phone Chargers – How Advantageous Are They For A Regular Commuter?

In thіѕ fast world, hаvіng a smartphone іѕ nоt оnlу vital but аlѕо essential fоr аnуоnе. Wіth thе advancement оf mobile computing, smartphones tоdау аrе playing аn indispensable role іn official communications, аѕ wеll аѕ helping people stay connected еvеn wіthоut connecting tо a desktop & laptop. Especially fоr thоѕе Whо travel regularly аnd stay

How to Set Up a Vinyl Recorder?

If you're a record player geek and are wondering how to get the most out of your rescue player, this is the perfect place for you. In this guide, we will explain to you how to set your vinyl record player to get the maximum out of it. Choose the Best Equipment Choosing the right

Apple Rolls Out Second Beta Of watchOS 6

Apple has recently launched the second beta version of watchOS 6, the operating system platform of its Apple Watches. Apple released the first new update of watchOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, held in the first week of June. This week, the second Beta version has rolled out. Users

The Best Phone Camera in 2019

It is an arduous task to choose the best phone with a good camera. Phone camera technology has improved tremendously in the last few years. Today, photographers embrace phone cameras as an alternative to their cameras. Thanks to features like the five-lens array and the multi-camera capture, good phone cameras

Buying a bicycle phone mount? Here is what to look out for

A bike phone mount is a crucial invention that helps riders to bring along their phone on a ride and use them comfortably without risking their safety. You can easily track your ride or even use the GPS on your phone for directions in an unfamiliar trail. Given the numerous