Amazon Alexa Devices Now Support Apple Podcasts And Spotify Podcasts

Amazon has very recently announced, that you can use Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts with Amazons AI assistant Alexa. For accessing Apple podcasts and Spotify podcasts, you need to enable the feature through the Alexa app. Once you do that, you have to link that to your Apple account or

Google Chrome Will Warn You If Your Web Passwords Are Compromised or Hacked

Google Chrome Will Warn You If Your Web Passwords Are Compromised or Hacked

Google is upgrading its privacy and encryption for Chrome application. Now Google will warn its users, if it finds its users’ passwords have been compromised or hacked. Google launched an extension in the beginning of this year, that served the same purpose. Now the feature has been made official, and the detection feature will

How To Share Your WhatsApp Story On Facebook Story?

WhatsApp story has the same concept as that of a Facebook Story. You can add an image, video, Boomerang, text or anything and share it with your friends for 24 hours. After that the story gets removed automatically. Facebook and WhatsApp are the two mostly used social media apps, along

Facebook Sells Oculus Medium To Adobe

Facebook has decided to sell Oculus Medium to Adobe. Oculus Medium is a 3D virtual reality tool which has undergone high end research for quite some time. Oculus has invested humongous fund for this project of theirs. Even though, the exact reason for selling Oculus Medium is not clear, but it is presumed that

Why Hire an Android App Development Company in the USA?


Developing a mobile app is one of the biggest steps a business can take but with the wrong development company, it can easily be turned into a nightmare. You may ask yourself why hire a development agency at all when I can just hire an in-house developer to get the

Apple Removing Vaping Apps From App Store

Apple has announced that it is removing all vaping apps from App Store. Apple has taken a decision after researching on the deleterious effects of vaping on health.  Respiratory irritation and illness have brought the worst form owing to pollution and smoking. E-cigarette is also a significant health hazard. In the United States, more than

What to Watch for When Running a Startup

Launching a tech startup is no easy feat. There are so many different ways companies can fail and not live up to their potential. Not only do they need a good idea that can be turned into compelling software, but they also need the resources to make it possible in

TuneKeep Spotify Music Converter Review

Why Do We Need A Spotify Music Converter? Spotify is a popular music streaming service which provides DRM protected music media content. DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management, which is a set of restrictions imposed on media content, so that their integrity and authenticity can be prevented from piracy

WhatsApp Launches Fingerprint lock For Android Devices

WhatsApp users have good news for them. Now the app will enable you to use fingerprint authentication to lock the app so that you can keep your private conversations away from the prying eyes. The beta version of this feature was undergoing testing since August. The new fingerprint authentication will be only for Android devices.

Can Utopia P2P Ecosystem Guarantee Web Privacy?

Starting as a place for freedom of speech, the Internet is no longer a safe environment. Governments legislated the web espionage, while hackers take advantage of this. Today sensitive data costs a lot more than oil. Data brokers handle, analyze, and sell everything you upload online or interact with: texts,

Google To Kill Google Clips Camera

Google has recently held its annual hardware launch event "Made By Google" in the New York city. Like every year, this year also Google has announced some new hardware devices and gadgets. It also announced the devices that they are stopping producing due to lack of approval among the users. This year,  Google has

Dual Screen nubia Z20 Launches Globally At $549

Nubia Z20 has launched and it is now available for purchase across the world. The handset has integrated a secondary display at the back, the idea behind which is to remove notches and bezels from the front of the device. The secondary device can be used to capture selfies as well. nubia Z20 was launched

5 Reasons Why A Sales Based Organization Should Use CRM Software

In any service-oriented business as well as product-oriented business, customer satisfaction is the key to success. Thus, it is of great importance, that sales-based companies adopt a system to manage their most important assets, that is, customers. There is a system that can manage all your valuable customers in a

Streamline Your Hotel Operations With Advanced Management and Booking Software

Technological advances are happening in each industry and that is increasingly true for the hotel industry where advances are taking place at a rapid speed. It is critical that hoteliers implement hotel management system development in order to stay vital with the competition by improving their business operations. This type

The Best Banking Apps Can Do These 7 Things

It might not fare as well as you think. While most banks at this point have a rudimentary mobile presence, a surprisingly small number offer mobile apps capable of replicating much of the desktop banking experience, let alone in-branch service. They’re out there, though. In the following sections, we review some

Top 5 Prank call apps you have to try

Planning a clever prank to pull on your friends can take time, and even longer once it's properly executed.  Prank Calls have always been a convenient way to do this, and all you will ever need is a phone.   However, in today's digital era where the world is more sensitive, a harmless

What about mind-reading technology?

It was once thought to be the stuff of science fiction. But now, the idea that machines can read people’s minds and interpret their thoughts is becoming a reality. Through artificial intelligence and software development outsourcing, some organizations have taken the plunge and begun to tap into the world of

The Future of High Resolution Displays

     When I was 12, my family owned a small, 480p box TV. I also owned a PS3 at the time and, for so long, played on that TV. No HD, no bright, vivid colors, just the flat display with a resolution that barely scaled to the game I was playing.       Nowadays,

Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming To The United States On September 27, 2019

The much coveted Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally making its way to us on September 27, 2019. The foldable display concept created a brouhaha among everyone and the excitement soared high ever since its announcement, seven months back. Initially, Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be launched in April, but due to issues with the