How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact the Sales Industry In the Future


Once nothing more than science fiction, artificial intelligence is fast becoming a regular part of our daily lives, from recommending restaurants to diagnosing disease. One area where artificial intelligence is already having a significant impact is in sales, and this trend is set to continue. With new advances being announced

Facebook Is Shutting Down The Moments Photo App

facebook moments

Facebook is finally shutting down the Moments Photo app. It developed and launched the app in 2015, and the Moments app was meant for storing images, videos from your smartphones or laptops, somewhat like Google photos. Users could store their images, create moments, edit them and share them with friends.

How to Find the Best TV and Broadband Deals

When you are trying to choose the best broadband and television deals for your home, it is important to make sure you make the right decisions. This means coming up with a balanced and well thought out decision that will help you to get the optimum broadband deals for your

Microsoft Recommends Users Not To Use Internet Explorer Browser

Microsoft has announced the retirement of Internet Explorer back in 2015. It has been 4 years. Keeping in mind the burgeoning pace of technology and the rapidly improving browsers, Most developers now design their apps and websites for other modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge. They literally

Instagram Growth Tips; Here’s What to Know


The social media platform Instagram has come a long way since it was acquired by its “big brother” Facebook. Instagram has significantly changed the manner in which people share pictures and personal experiences by being more personal. Users are able to share their personal experiences with their “followers” and get

Digital Marketing Seo Certification: Top 7 Courses For Beginners

Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are having an increasing number of demand. As websites become a staple to businesses and entrepreneurs, these strategies are sought after like never before. With these, you will have the ability to increase traffic to any website,  whether you apply it to yours,

What Role Do Research & Development Play In Software Development?

r and D

When you are trying to create something unique, do not underestimate research and development as many leaders do. The importance of this process is more than high. It is a whole system that precedes the production. Any good idea will not turn into something great and successful without proper research. Research

4 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Posts

web designing

If simply regularly posting fresh and interesting content on Instagram was enough to make sure your content gets into feeds life would be so much easier, but unfortunately that’s not how things work. These days Instagram includes items chosen because they are considered to be of value to others. Basically,

Eavesdropping Bug in Face Time: Apple stopped group FaceTime


Apple Facetime has encountered a serious eavesdropping bug. The bug is causing users to listen to the audio on the recipient side, while Facetiming, much before the recipient has answered the call. This is a severe case of eavesdropping and interference of privacy. The bug has been identified and confirmed by top tech news

What To Expect In A Penetration Testing Training

Penetration testing training is offered to professionals who want to improve their skills in order to deliver high-value tests. Modern techniques, methodologies, and tools used by cyber attackers will be included in the course. Having hands-on knowledge on how to attack a system gives a better understanding on how to

Are Mobile Wallets Good for Ecommerce?


A lot of people are talking about how mobile wallets are revolutionizing the way people pay for things. These innovative payment technologies are already influencing consumer purchasing habits. But business people need to take care before opting to make any drastic decisions—especially involving payment processing. So, are mobile wallets good for

Gemini-Battery Powered Display With Kickstand Priced At $159


Gemini is a battery powered display with 15.6 inch dimension and comes with a kickstand. There are several interesting options in portable displays and some of the amazing devices are from HP. In office and educational institutions, we often require multiple screens for casting or presentation. Gemini is highly flexible physically as well as

How To Format Your Resume

web designing

Resumes are different for each job title and industry. In design, you want a resume template that is going to show off your personality, organization, and creativity. However, a high-profile executive resume may be more like a CV or curriculum vitae, where it includes a list of all your previous

LG UPlus Collaborate With Google To Co-Produce VR Content

VR Content

Google introduced Virtual Reality support in its biggest video streaming platform YouTube back in 2015. YouTube app for Android got the feature first. Now, Google is expanding its plans for VR platform by collaborating with LG UPlus. LG UPlus is the cellular carrier wing of LG. LG, with an ambition

How Digital Signage Helps Shaping The DOOH Advertising?

digital signage

Just a short while ago outdoor advertisement got a pretty cool technological upgrade and since has been developing at speed. For those looking to advertise DOOH is the hands-down best way to target on-the-go audience in a futuristic kind of way. The combination of the screens in the big cities across the world playing

Camcorder Pirates In India May Face Hefty Fines Of $14000 And 3 Years In Prison


Piracy is a growing menace of our society, especially the digital media industry. Media industries incur heavy loss in revenue due to piracy and people, who purchase or downloaded pirated movies, music and games contribute largely in leveraging this loss. So, in order to save the country’s economy from jeopardizing, we must pledge to fight

Samsung Announces It will add support for Google apps to Bixby and more

Samsung at CES

The CES 2019 is going on full-fledged and it is needless to say that Samsung will showcase many gadgets of its own. Besides those exquisite gadgets, Samsung has expressed their future plans with artificial intelligence and 5G. When talking about Artificial Intelligence, Google is planning to expand the reach of Bixby artificial intelligent personal