How To Convert An Image File Type On Mac OS X?


When you deal with image files on any operating system, it is often necessary to convert of one type of image to a different file type. For example, when you capture screenshot on Mac OS X, your screenshots are saved as PNG files. PNG files are usually bigger in sizes.

Oppo F9 Comes With a Sleek design And A Teardrop Screen Cutout

Oppo F9

Screen cut out is that portion of a smartphone which contains the front facing camera, the phone speaker, etc. It is usually at the top of the screen. Different handsets have different screen cut out shapes, although the standard ones have rectangular cut outs. Mobile handset manufacturer Oppo announced a

5G Wireless: Changing the Way You Use Your Smartphone

5g Tech

If you're sick of paying for 4G coverage, only to never be able to access the service, or if you can access it, you're disappointed by its speed or reliability, you're in luck. The latest tech is changing the wireless service game and making fast, reliable coverage easier and more

How Can You Recover Deleted Files From Your Computer?

EaseUS Data Recovery

It has happened to almost everyone who has owned a computer, important files have somehow managed to be deleted from your computer. People have sometimes lost precious family photos, important work documents, and emails they wanted to keep. Whether this data has been lost through you accidentally hitting the delete

Germany Lifts Ban On Nazi Symbols and Hitler’s Moustache From All Games

hitlet without moustache

In Germany edition of games, previously, no Nazi symbol was used. The symbols include Swastika sign, moustache of Adolf Hitler, etc. The rule has finally changed. The German Entertainment Software Self Regulation (USK) has resolved to lift ban from all future German edition games. However, each and every case will

Facebook Launches Snapchat Like AR Games In Messenger

AR Games

Facebook is once again following the footsteps of Snapchat and introduced the Augmented Reality (AR) games in its Messenger Platform. This game can be played among 6 friends in Facebook Messenger during video chats. ^ people can play together and compete each other in real time while the video call

Android 9 Pie Announced: Rolling Out For Google Pixels

android pie

Google has announced the much awaited Android 9 Pie, the upcoming Android version. Google started testing the version of Android in February and now it is all set to go. Android Pie will be powered by Artificial intelligence and many more exciting features. The impressive features that are powered by

Logitech Launches A New Wireless Charger For iPhones


Wireless chargers are very popular these days. The more we remain hooked to our smartphones, the more is the need to charge the phones. There is no dearth of wireless charging units in the market for other ecosystems, but for Apple users, the options are not ample. Here is a

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 To Arrive Next Month, Sports A Near Bezel-Less Bottom

xiaomi mi mix 3

Xiaomi Mi phones are usually in great demand provided their great combination of specifications and price. Xiaomi handsets are budget smartphones and other great news is that the Xiaomi My MIX 3 is coming soon. Several conjectures from reliable sources say that the handset will be arriving in September. A

What the Tech Industry Has Learned About Content Marketing So Far in 2018?

The latest numbers show that “Snapchat has 150 million daily active users,” “Pinterest has 100 million monthly active users,” “Instagram has 500 million monthly active users,” “21% of Americans age 12 or older say they have listened to a podcast in the past month,” and “51% of smartphone users have discovered a

Facebook Confirms It Is Officially Building An Internet Satellite: Athena

There was a conjecture making round, that Facebook is secretly working on a satellite internet project. The May IEEE Spectrum has confirmed that Facebook is officially working on an Internet Satellite Athena. The satellite can beam the internet from satellites onto the earth deploying milimeter wave radio signals. Low Earth

Apple Introduces New Emojis On World Emoji Day

On World Emoji Day, Apple has announced a plethora of new image characters. These characters will make their way to you with upcoming versions of iOS and Mac OS X by the end of this year. As per reports, it will be introducing over 70 new characters, as part of

Why Do We Ride Roller Coasters Even When We Are Afraid?

It is really strange to see a long queue outside roller coaster rides, even when they know they will scream the very next moment. Why can't people resist this temptation of getting scared? This is exactly the same scenario when we watch horror movies. Nowadays, complex and much dangerous roller

360 Earbuds: 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound With An Amazing Bass

Surround Sound is a much coveted sound experience when it comes to watching movies and playing games at home. But when we are traveling, we compromise a lot of your expectations and choices. We try to negotiate between feasibility and and desire and settle with stereo audio earbuds. But now,