Relaxing places in the U.S. you can visit post COVID-19


Summer is nearly here, and you may be looking forward to planning a trip with your family.  However, we know the COVID-19 outbreak is still on your minds. It has affected about 5,200,000 people across the world to date. The massive overturn of events has made traveling even more difficult even

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Atleast Once A Year


Who in this world does not love to travel? Traveling gives an individual a variety of lessons to learn along with exploring the world. It also helps us in making new friends, gaining new experiences, building new stories and a lot more. It also helps in increasing our knowledge regarding

Watch The Northern Lights From This Amazing Glass Igloo In Finland

Watch The Northern Lights From This Amazing Glass Igloo In Finland

Northern lights or Aurora is every traveler’s paradise. Northern lights are the mystic bluish green neon light that appear on the surface of the earth from the sky, creating a path of untold stories of the universe. Aurora appears in the high latitude areas as well as near the poles.

6 Airbnb Tools that All Hosts Need

All Airbnb hosts know how difficult managing properties can be, especially if you’re someone who’s offering two or more short term rentals. Taking your business to the next level requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. However, progression is necessary if you’d like to become a true super host.

How Technology Can Help You Travel Responsibly

Tourism in the U.S. is a growing industry, and around 1.4 billion international visitor arrivals were recorded in 2018, which showed a 6% growth rate compared to 2017. Unfortunately, going places comes at a price, affecting local culture, disrupting traditional ways of life, increasing carbon footprints, and creating pollution. The good news

A Dozen Unusual Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur

 If wondering what to do in Kuala Lumpur and how to make the most out of your trip, well, you are sure going to remain spoilt for choices. After all, there are so many options to choose from and plenty to keep you busy. Once you are done with the

Building a Local Travel Platform. Best Practices and Core Features

“Living like a local” is a popular concept among consumers — rather than participating in curated tourist experiences, travelers want to see a city from the perspective of someone who lives there. Moreover, for IT specialists this trend creates exciting opportunities in local mobile app development. With a local app, you can provide services

7 Best New Rooftop Pools Of 2019 Across The World

When it’s summer, there is nothing more refreshing than a swimming session in the pool. For all people, who love to go on a vacation in summer, they always find relief by spending some time in the pool. If the pool is a rooftop one, then the excitement knows no bound. There are many

The Fascinating Flower Men Of Saudi Arabia

The flower men, the descendants of the ancient Tihamma and Asir tribes, known for garlanding their heads with beautiful flowers, resides in the southern provinces of Saudi Arabia. These fellowmen remained isolated until the last 20 years with all sorts of problems interfering electricity, roads management. The tribal laws were only followed by them.

Khonoma: The Story Of Courage And Nature

About 20km from Kohima, in Nagaland, lies the 700 year age old village of Khwunoria, which means local plant in Angami, also referred to as Khonoma. Covering an area of about 123 sq km, it is the residing place for 600 households with a net count of 3000 people, the state bird Blyth’s

Why Solo Traveling Is A Great Personality Booster?

solo traveling

Who does not like to travel? Whenever one gets any long stretch of holidays or even a short one, s/he starts planning for a visit to anywhere else with the accompaniment of others. But what about those who lacks company. It may not be possible that one or the other friend will be

Time To Visit Mawlynnong- The Cleanest Village Of Asia


Mawlynnong, The Cleanest Village Of Asia Located on the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, 90km from Shillong, resides ‘God’s own garden’ – Mawlynnong. Mawlynnong is famous for being the cleanest village of Asia. It has been acclaimed since 2003 and still it is the cleanest village. The effort made by the residents to initiate

2000 Year Old Roman BathHouse Hammam Essalihine Still In Use

hammam essahiline

Hammam Essahiline, Image Courtesy: Ghezal Tarek Ruins of Rome and Roman Architecture have always been of great interest among people. Despite silence, they speak volumes about the history, the life and the glory of Rome. Roman architecture has a place of its own in the history of mankind. One such piece of architectural excellence