How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skill?

How To Improve Your Child’s Communication Skill

Nowadays, we see a common scenario in every household. The child of the house is jumping, playing, and doing his own activity. Suddenly, an elder member of the family comes and hands him a smartphone or plays a cartoon on YouTube. The child forgets everything and remains glued to the screen for hours. You

How To Handle Temper Tantrun In Children?

temper tantrum in children

Sometimes, children leave us extremely embarassed with their tantrums over frivolous things. For example, you have visited a shopping mall with your son, and he starts demanding expensive toys, or some unnecessary stuffs. You tell him not to demand things like that, and he burst out at you. He screams

Huda Beauty Power Matte Bullet Lipstick: Shade El Cinco De Mayo : Review And Swatch

Huda Beauty Power Bullet lipsticks are very popular among makeup lovers. And there are some people who swear by these lipsticks. This range has some amazing intense shades with warm and cool undertones. As the description says, "This lipstick is so pigmented, the machines in our manufacturer’s lab almost broke when trying to make them. The

Never Teach Your Child To Underestimate a Homemaker

Whoever has money, has a voice, has power. It is bitterly true in every aspect of life and the importance of wealth is such in human life, that we often evaluate the importance of a person based on the earning he/she makes. While raising your child, you must always get positive thoughts in your

Elie Saab Girl Of Now Forever Eau De Parfum Review

I have become a connoisseur of cosmetics and fragrances after years of nurturing my constant love for them. Elie Saab Girl of Now was launched in 2017, most probably,  merely it has lately come into my wardrobe and I would enjoy to share my feedback with you.  Lebanese designer Elie Saab has this very popular

The Future of Tech in the Fashion Industry

More than ever, technology has changed the way companies conduct business and scale. Spanning across all industries, and particularly within the fashion industry, technology has directly affected every process a business goes through in its daily operations.  As with trends in fashion, technology is ever-evolving, and with it, its countless benefits.

What’s Life Like for Women in Tech?

Since its inception, the tech industry has been heavily dominated by men. This isn’t all that surprising when you consider the history of technology. Women made many significant contributions to the fields that would ultimately converge into the consumer electronics industry, and it would be incorrect to say that the tech industry was built

Perks of purchasing double beds with storage

The bedroom is the fundamental place where we all go for sleeping and relaxing after a tiring day. It is the place where we look for peace of mind. Instead of stacking your room with a lot of unnecessary stuff it is always important to purchase everything wisely. Decluttering is

How to Make Your Commute Eco-Friendly?

Sustainable choices make the world go around–literally. With so many harmful emissions, piling landfills, and water shortages, many people are finding ways to be sustainable in their everyday decisions. From turning the lights off when you leave a room to switch to environmentally friendly products, there are plenty of things