Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient Computing: Application of Ambient Intelligence In Our Lives

Ambient computing is an incredible invention in the world of computer. Ambient computing is A combination of hardware, software, user experience and machine-human interaction. It creates an invisible environment deploying artificial intelligence, motion tracking, gesture, wearable, machine learning, etc. The concept is different from smartphones, smartwatches that we have to

Introduction To Docker And Its Advantages


For manufacturers and transporters, the term container is more than just a word, it gives them consistency and the ability to organize. Well, relating to this, you must have related to Docker, acting the same in the technical world.  What is Docker? Docker is a tool that uses containers to ease out

Docker Security Features Explained

Are Docker Containers Secured

Docker security is becoming very challenging compared to traditional technologies as it requires all-around protection, including application firewalls, host machine protection, and real-time container defense. In our last article, we have covered the docker security vulnerabilities and overview of security measures. In this article, we will elaborate on the security

Understanding The Basics Of DARQ Technology

Understanding The Basics Of DARQ Technology

To keep up with the post-digital era, companies are planning on new technologies that may act as an important catalyst in changing the already saturated world. The center of attention for the set of technologies is being held by DARQ: distributed ledger Technology (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR),

Are Docker Containers Secured?

Are Docker Containers Secured

Docker is becoming extremely popular with its containerization technique by removing the virtualization layer and making software deployment a lot easier and faster irrespective of platforms. With its increasing popularity and openness, the vulnerability of the domain is also getting wider. In this article, we will discuss the security flaws

How To Create Your First Flutter App?


In the last part of the Flutter article series, we have walked you through a series of steps to integrate Flutter with Android studio and fixed a few issues that appeared during the installation phase. In this part, we will discuss the backbone of the highly customizable UI development kit,

Powerful Implementations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Of All Times


Our life is becoming easier every day with ever-evolving artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence started gaining more popularity after the introduction of mobile assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and home-based automation systems like Google Home and Alexa intelligent home integration. Some of the robust yet challenging implementations of AI involve self-driving

What Is Slack Used For?

What Is Slack Used For

If you work at any organization, you must be aware of the platform Slack. If not, you must have at least heard from your colleagues about Slack. And I'm pretty sure, you are here to know more as you have never really explored the platform and people have outrun you

How To Set Up Android Studio on 64-bit Windows 10?

data science

Android is a famous open-source operating system developed by Google. It is based on a modified Linux kernel, designed specifically for touch screen devices and smartwatches, smart TVs, and many other smart devices. With the ever-increasing user base, there are more than 2.5 billion android users, and Android development is

What Is Blockchain Technology?


Blockchain Technology has been heard of a lot in the past few years. Most of you must have heard it in relation to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain is just another cliche, but in hypothetical terms. To a layman, it may not make any sense. However, it is of vital importance to learn about Blockchain technology.