4 Radical Gadgets to Revolutionize Your Car Camping Adventure

One of the biggest advantages of going car camping is that you can bring along the gear that would be too heavy or unwieldy to transport in a backpack. 

This really opens up your options, allowing you to explore the wilderness without making sacrifices. You’ll also have an easier time introducing newcomers to the outdoor adventure scene since they won’t have to give up all the comforts of home while exploring.

Keep reading for a list of four game-changing devices that will help you realize the car camping adventure of your dreams, whether you’re heading out alone or bringing friends along on their first-ever outdoor escapade.

1. A Powerful Portable Power Station

Keeping your electronic devices charged is one of the most challenging things about hanging out in the wilderness, and losing access to phones is one of the major turn-offs for first-time campers.

Adding a detailed and structured portable generator to your car camping collection is a complete game-changer. You’ll be able to keep everyone’s phone fully charged while also powering speakers, lights, cooking stations, and any other electronic devices you decide to bring with you.

2. A Packable Boat

If you’re interested in exploring some of America’s 2.9 million miles of rivers but don’t want to deal with adding a roof rack or tow hitch to your vehicle, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There are many durable and affordable packrafts on the market that you can stash in your car and inflate in minutes any time a promising-looking river or lake catches your eye. 

Remember to pick up a collapsible paddle, too, and always make sure to wear a life vest. Practice maneuvering your boat in a safe environment as well before taking on any faster-moving water.

3. A High-Pressure Camp Shower

One of the things about camping that makes most people hesitate is the difficulty of keeping clean while out in the wilderness. According to the CDC, washing the body with running water is an important way to help prevent certain diseases and skin conditions. But how can you maintain your personal hygiene routine while you’re car camping?

The answer: invest in a high-pressure camp shower to keep in your car. With a powerful nozzle spray and a tank that holds enough water for a three- to five-minute shower, most portable camp showers will get the job done and leave you feeling clean and comfortable.

4. A Portable Fire Pit with a Heat Shield

Gathering around the campfire is such a time-honored tradition for sleeping outside. However, the conditions and terrain are not always suitable or safe for building a fire, and there are many safety concerns associated with managing an uncontained flame. 

Including a portable Bureau of Land Management-approved fire pit in your car camping kit will ensure you always have a safe and convenient way to create an outdoor gathering space and heat source. The addition of the heat shield means you can use these types of fire pits on any kind of terrain, and most models pack down to a small size and weigh under ten pounds.

Create the High-Tech Expedition of Your Dreams

Car camping is a great way to introduce first-timers to the joys of outdoor adventures without pushing them too far outside their comfort zones. With the abundance of highly specialized gear on the market today, you’ll be able to create an experience that maximizes your group’s ability to explore the wilderness while maintaining a comfortable, homey atmosphere back at camp. 

Start with this list of four easily packable gadgets that will utterly revolutionize your car-camping experience.