Dell To Launch Latitude Rugged Laptops For Tough Conditions

Dell rugged laptop

Dell announced today that they are going to launch a new lineup of laptops which is meant for tough weather conditions. The new lineup will be called Latitude Rugged PCs which includes the 5420, 5424, and 7424. The devices are available in several variants. They will sport different 6th gen, 7th

Where To Watch The Razer Phone 2 Launch Tonight?


Razer is going to hold an event today where the company will be launching its premium gaming handset the Razer Phone 2. Well, what exactly will be showcased is still a surprise but if you have been following Razer's announcements lately, then you can be sure that the device is

How to Drive Tech Changes in Your Organization

tech drive

  The study showed that most business leaders believe that lack of ability to implement a new idea, industry expertise and the culture of risk-taking prevent needed innovations. It also found out the existing challenge to save the speed of tech changes. So, let’s consider possible ways to boost technology changes

How to Secure Your Router to Protect Your Smart Home


​ The many advances in technology today have led to some amazing products we use in our daily lives. We often work with and see these products every day, most of which are located in our home. TVs, computers, phones, and many similar devices are found throughout our living space. One

Ways Technology Can Help You Manage Personal Finances

We are living in the era of cutting-edge technology and there is an application or software for each of your tasks to get things done more effectively. Especially, when it comes to manage personal finances, there are a lot of ways technology can help you in doing so greatly. Since,

Handy Apps that will ease your Student Life

Ever stopped for a second in a crowded place and looked around yourself? If you did, then you would agree that the overwhelming majority of people is doing the same thing. They are staring in their expensive phones and scroll the pages of information without batting an eye, doing it