5 Things to Consider When Buying a Premium Smartwatch

Before buying a premium smartwatch, we have to consider certain factors so that our purchase is worth every penny. In this article, I shall help you figure out 5 important factors before buying a premium smartwatch.

1. OS Compatibility:

Make sure the OS is compatible before purchasing a high-end smartwatch. Unlike inexpensive smartwatches, which work with both iOS and Android phones. Premium smartwatchesare available from brands like Apple and Samsung, but they can only be used with those brands’ smartphones.

Therefore, Apple Watch is a better choice for you if you have an iPhone. Similar to how you can choose a smartwatch with WearOS, which works with the majority of Android smartphones, if you have an Android phone.

At just Rs 18000, Samsung Galaxy Watch4  is one of the best and most affordable WearOS-powered smartwatches to consider in 2023. The 2nd Gen Apple Watch SE is another excellent entry-level Apple Watch to think about this year, with a price of Rs 28405 on Amazon.

2. App support:

The somewhat more costly Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (Rs38451) or Apple Watch Series 8 (Rs 42,900) are also options to think about in addition to the aforementioned versions. These devices will receive greater support and be compatible with more apps due to the enhanced hardware.

3. Fitness Features:

High-end smartwatches pay close attention to the fitness elements to consider while purchasing. The majority of the entry-level models have functions such as reliable heart rate measurement, blood oxygen sensor, SpO2, and GPS. These functions perform really well in pricey smartwatches, or quality smartwatches, like the Apple Watch Ultra (Rs 82899) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro(Rs 38451)but not in inexpensive smartwatches.

4. Battery life:

The battery on a luxury smartwatch does not last as long as it does on most affordable smartwatches. Best of all, a luxury smartwatch has a battery life of two days. Aside from that, some smartwatches provide solar charging and infinite battery backup, but they lack third-party software support because they are largely designed for their own devices.

5. Changing Strap:

A popular smartwatch will have a plethora of third-party bands in addition to several first-party alternatives. More strap alternatives, at varying price ranges, will be available for an Apple Watch. Again, any recent Apple Watch or Samsung Watch should allow customers to readily switch bands at a fraction of the cost.

I am Shakshi Bhuiya, an engineer, tech enthusiast and public speaker.