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5 ways social media will boost your small business

Over the past decade or so social media has had a tremendous impact on the way we lead our lives. While some obstinately refuse to engage to any significant extent, many more are embracing its potential for instant communication. As a networking tool it is unparalleled in its ability to reach out to maximum numbers within an instant timeframe. Bite-sized information chunks can be transmitted around the world within the click of a few buttons on computers or mobile devices. Here are five ways that social media is indispensible for your small business.

social media boosts business

Social media strategy

Long associated with Facebook posts or online dating, social media’s power to message a diverse range of individuals should form an integral part of your overall business planning. Its ability to issue bulletins, attract new customers and, most pressingly, make your existing customers feel part of a compelling and valued network, can be the lifeblood of your commercial enterprise.

Market analysis

Social media is a powerful analytic tool. Feedback can be gauged, enabling you to decide which aspects of your turnover should be focused on, as well as those areas which aren’t proving to be so successful. Analytical data allows you to study demographics – who is most interested in your products, what age bracket are they most likely to be in, which social group, what countries? This will allow you to control your business objectives when it comes to forward planning.


While it might seem frivolous to suggest articles on a Facebook page or statements in a Twitter feed can carry the same weight as the articles on your company website, they can actually have greater impact. Your latest news or product developments are not only getting out to just as many customers, the interactivity of these platforms gives social media one of its most potent powers of all: sharing. It will do your advertising for you, at a fraction of the outlays companies once forked out to marketing departments.


A crucial aspect of social media is that it compels you to be precise with what you are communicating to your customers. You need to think about imparting maximum information in minimum space, so you’ll quickly learn how important it is to be precise. The necessity of hooking potential customers will force your hand when it comes to making your post not only informative, but able to demand attention in a bustling marketplace. Catchy phrases and slogans can flow organically.


Once upon a time there was a certain anonymity to businesses, even smaller enterprises. We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘faceless corporations.’ Engaging with social media puts a human face to your organization. Networking brings common resources together; sites like top offers are able to amalgamate separate web platforms to maximize client engagement and boost efficiency. Social media takes this a stage further, allowing you to participate with a limitless customer pool. Deciding how to take full advantage of this is a business goal in itself.

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