7 Tips On How To Make Your Content Interesting

With content flooding the internet from all over the world, to get anyone captured by yours needs extra effort. That is not all. It also needs to relay a message and convict the reader enough to make a decision or light a bulb in them.  Some topics are naturally ‘boring,’ but that is not an excuse for a content creator to produce bland passages. Good content is easy to consume whether you are writing on astronauts, ships, animals or real estate. Writing and freelance editor jobs are extremely competitive today and to thrive in the field, you need to woo the readers. See some tips that will help you keep your audience locked in your piece to the end.

Tips To Make Your Content Interesting

1. Tell a story/ stories

If you can tell a story even when writing a piece on metals and their inception, you will win the readers. People love stories. Storytelling is an excellent way of keeping the audience engaged and the content relatable.
Whether the stories are real-life examples or made up illustration, it should transition well and relate back to the message of your topic.  

Use humor

Life is hard enough to keep up with somber content. Adding humor makes even the flattest subjects interesting. You still need to balance your professional and humorous observations. While at it, remember jokes can quickly go wrong. Keep off obnoxious, offensive and excessive content. Run the jokes before penning by a small audience within your inner circle if you are not sure. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Create a strong heading and engaging Intro

The intro determines whether a reader will continue or not. Most readers browse through the introduction to see if the content is worth reading. If you decide to use a story, this is the best place to feature it. Once the reader hooked to the material at the start, you win. Be sure they will read to the end.

Like any love affair, the first impression counts. For your readers to get hooked to your content, you need to capture their attention from the start. The heading is like an entrance to a building. How it appears will either make one curious to see inside or push them away.

Add videos and images

Pictures and videos help reinforce a lesson and enhance the readers’ experience. Some people learn best by hearing and others by seeing, but the diagram, videos, and photos always help to drive the point home.
Photos and videos that you choose should be relevant and communicate the same message with your content. Do not, however, use images without permission from the owner. If you do not have your photos to use, check free images online.
To help pass the message well, choose images and videos that relate to the topic, are of excellent quality and the right resolution. There is nothing more irritating than trying to figure out what a blurry photo is all about.

5. Factual and accurate content

No one is impressed by lies. Regardless of how beautiful and well done your content is, inaccurate and non-factual inclusions will water it down. Stick to accurate reporting. Before you submit content, think of the outcome should it turn out untrue. You will ruin your reputation and that of your brand.  Source content from verified sources.

If you
cite statistics, they should be verifiable.

6. Original and Educative content

There is so much that will go wrong with the plagiarised content. Forget the punishment from Google. Your content has to bring something new to the table. Otherwise, it does not need to be there. You are free to delve into a topic that has featured before if you introduce a fresh idea.

Every reader that has an encounter with your content should learn something. The educative material will keep people on your website as they want to know more.

7. Offer practical solutions

Well written content that offers tips that are out of reach is not helpful. Content that provides practical solutions is compelling to read as the audience can relate and follow. Ambiguous pieces are hard to impress hence less readership.


You need to check a post objectively before releasing it for publishing. When reading the final draft, ask yourself if the content is educative, complete and engaging enough for your audience. With all the articles published online every second, no one will read content that does not strike a chord in them.

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