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7 year old injured by exploding Galaxy S2

This is a shocker in true sense. A 7 year old little girl from Kazakhstan was severely injured when a Galaxy S2 exploded in her pocket. The incident took place at Astana, Kazakhstan where Ariana Aitzhan lives with her parents. Reports say, Ariana was playing in the garden with the S2 inside her pocket. Suddenly her parents heard a loud scream of their daughter. No sooner did they heard the cry than went to her help. They found their daughter’s leg severely injured with the exploded gadget.

7 year old injured by exploding Galaxy S2

a neighbor also came to her rescue and she was rushed to hospital. Her wounds are so deep that the heat penetrated her jeans pant and burnt her bones and flesh. Upon removing the pant, a good part of the flesh grafted out. Her mother says the seven year old is still in a state of shock. Samsung has promised to pay fir her treatment and all medical requirements, her parents are apprehensive as they doubt if it’s Samsung’s way of suppressing the issue. Samsung asked for the exploded phone for further testing and analysis.

From these incidents, people are in fear of even using smartphones as Alarm clocks and keep beside pillows etc. Accidents may take place any time but we must be careful if we notice over heating or related issues with a smartphone.

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