Drone used to rescue another drone!
Drone used to rescue another drone!

Drone used to rescue another drone!

Drones are quickly becoming part of day to day life of common people. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, are already popular among masses. While these technologies being used at large scale for war purpose and monitoring and although in the recent past, this kind of technology was considered futuristic and inaccessible for the general public, an increasing number of drones have been soaring the skies among common people in west.

Drone used to rescue another drone

Drones are easily available in market with affordable price and people tend to buy the UAV for various reasons. However, Harrisen Howes from Oregon bought a drone to rescue his another drone, sounds crazy rite. Howes conducted rescue operation and the video of the operation was posted on Youtube. This videos with an epic soundtrack suitable for the operation, “No Time for Caution,” went viral in no time and definitely looks like future of viral videos.

Two months ago, Howes’s roommate was drunk and crashed Howes’s drone DJI Phantom onto the roof of a neighbouring home, according to Howes’s YouTube post. Howes claimed that the roof was impossible to access and his drone had stay there for 2 months. However, 2 months later, he came up with creative plan to rescue his stranded drone. Howes purchased a larger drone and equipped it with a video camera, a pair of hooks improvised from coat hangers and fixed it up with some green tape to keep everything in place.
The camera-equipped drone managed to reach some impressive heights during its mission as was sown in video, capturing some great footage of nearby houses and streets along the way. Although the two hooks hardly appear steady, one of the hooks finally nestles beneath the Phantom’s blade and secures the craft in its grip. The Phantom, hanging by a rotor, swings violently to and fro, while dramatic music plays in the background. Phantom made the short journey home, and neither drone nor human suffered injury with smaller drone apparently works just fine, even after spending two months high and dry on that rooftop. Howes revealed that all it took was a set of new batteries, and the rescued Syma X5C drone came back from the dead.
Check out nicely crafted rescue operation video below

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