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How Emotional Intelligence Can Benefit College Students

How Emotional Intelligence Can Benefit College Students

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 Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to understand one’s emotions and the emotions of other people. Additionally, emotional intelligence empowers people to take control of their emotions and keep a cool head in stressful situations. Such an ability is extremely valuable in every stage of life, including the period of higher education studies. Students with a high level of emotional intelligence are able to take control of their education by being mindful of their emotions and the emotions of everyone who surrounds them. It is easier for them to be more competitive, self-motivated, and emotionally secure whenever they face a challenge, which gives them a considerable advantage compared to the students who have a low level of emotional intelligence. 

Why Is It Important?

 College students who have higher levels of emotional intelligence can not only be expected to reach better academic results but also to have a more successful social life. They know how to manage their own emotions and to understand and relate to the feelings of others. They are always eager to explore the things they do not know, feel confident about themselves, and tend to be clear-headed. Such a skill, in turn, can help them develop effective communication skills and a strong sense of self-motivation. 

 Conversely, college students who lack emotional intelligence feel less connected to their learning space, which has a negative impact on their academic achievements. They might find it much more challenging to build meaningful connections with other people and with their fellow students, which means they will not be able to enjoy the real college life. 

 Developing emotional intelligence can help students increase self-awareness, boost self-motivation, reduce and manage stress levels, learn how to make the right decisions and be empathetic of other people, communicate effectively, and build long-term relationships. 

Managing Emotions and Being Competitive

 Students with a high EQ (Emotional Quotient) score are able to manage their emotions well and thus can cope with the competitiveness of the modern world much easier. Their emotional intelligence can get them through the toughest circumstances as they are able to adjust to different people, their temperaments, and nature. More importantly, they are able to control their own emotions, which empowers them to make practical decisions. 

 In practical terms, a student with a high level of emotional intelligence is more likely to land a good job than a student with a low level of emotional intelligence. For example, suppose two of such students meet in the same room where they learn they are both up for the same position, and only one of them can get it. They are put in a stressful situation and are given a task that will test their professional skills and abilities. Depending on the outcomes, one of them will be offered the job. In such a situation, the student with high emotional intelligence will be able to keep themselves composed, focus, and do the task correctly, while the other student might start stressing out and make some mistakes in the assignment, even if they are competent enough for the job.

Having Less Stress and Being Positive

How Emotional Intelligence Can Benefit College Students

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Feeling stressed is not a problem only known to adults, but also students at schools and colleges. Stress can be the biggest challenge on one’s way to success in their studies, professional aspirations, or even in personal life. Stress and fear of failure can stop one from doing something new and exploring exciting opportunities. Emotional intelligence helps students manage their stress and be efficient in their studies. The advantages of high EQ levels are particularly noticeable during exam periods when stress is everywhere, and not everyone can work with it. It is also easier for emotionally intelligent students to be more positive as they are able to keep negative thoughts and emotions under control and do reasonable “self-talks” that keep them positive even at challenging times. This positivity and emotional strength make them be good at sympathizing with other students and being able to take care not only of their problems but also of some problems of their fellow students. 

Being Good at Communication

How Emotional Intelligence Can Benefit College Students

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College life is very much about communication. One needs to be able to form a social circle to communicate with their educators and potential employers. Emotionally intelligent students usually find it easier to communicate, and they have good linguistic skills. During seminars, they express their opinions and ideas with no hesitation, which also makes them appear to be very confident about themselves and their knowledge. They build new relations easily and adapt to change fast, which means they can survive and do well in different environments, especially when they go on foreign exchange programs and have to integrate into new cultures and societies. 

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