How to Keep Your Mac in Shape?

keep mac in shape


No gadget is immune to glitches, slowdowns, bugs or other technical problems. Macbooks can have such problems too. So, you must take care of your Macbook to keep it healthy, happy and safe.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your Macbook in good shape:

1) Backing up data

Just like any other device, Macbooks can run into hard drive problems, crash or struggle with other issues that could be risky for the data or information stored in it. That’s why you should regularly back up your data every other week, to avoid losing anything important.


2) Reducing background utilities and services

You should cut down the utilities or tasks that keep running in the background. Items like printers, web pages, Bluetooth, cloud-based services and other necessary applications that send data to the internet, always keep running and slow down your Macbook. You should keep closing the utilities you do not require to improve your computer’s sluggishness.

3) Installing anti-malware software

You should download and install some good anti-virus software to scan your Macbook for infection and block virus threats from malicious software.

4) Cleaning out old files

A regular clean up of your hard drive system will improve your Macbook’s speed as well as sustainability. Before doing that you must backup old files to an external hard drive. This is a good way of keeping your Macbook from getting too cluttered.


5) Run Disk Utility

You can find the Disk Utility option in your Utilities folder, which is located in the Applications folder. You should open and run it four or five times a year to ensure that your hard disk is fully functional.

6) Keeping desktop clean

It is best to keep your desktop clean as it reduces load and prevents from slowing it down. Even though most Mac users love to keep all of their most frequently used apps, folders, or documents on their desktop, you should sort things into folders for best performance.

7) Updating software

You should keep your Macbook up to date by updating its softwares frequently. This will keep your Mac best prepared to handle exposures and avoid bugs. It also fixes any issues that you might face due to backdated applications.

8) Shutting down apps when not in use

The dock is where you can see all the programs you have open on the screen of your Mac in a smart and accessible manner. If you click the red X button, it will not shut the program off completely, most of the times. There may be programs or apps running in the background which can use up RAM and CPU. Your machine will get heated and slowdown. By shutting down apps you can preserve the resources that are being used up.

These simple tips are some of most universal fixes for maintaining your Macbook . It will run like a well-oiled machine once it has been restored and updated.

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