A Brief History of the System Shaping Today’s Biggest Tech Firms


It is something shaping virtually every single firm, company and business operating across all industries in every single country. Kanban is huge, but what exactly is it? Invented in the 1940s by Toyota, the Kanban process, simply put, is a type of project management method. The company’s engineers developed it as

New Technologies Changing the PCB Market

PCB Market

As we all know, consumer trends are always changing and new trends can hit the market and take off extremely quickly. As the consumer market is so fast-paced and ever-changing, this can have a massive impact on the PCB market. Printed circuit boards are extremely versatile and so they can

Top 3 Photo Editing Apps for iOS to Become an Instagram Star

instagram star

Today mobile apps industry offers hundreds of camera and photo editors to make your photoshoots colorful and original. But how to choose the best one? Have a look at these 3 photo editing apps review that Freepps.top prepared for you. FotoRus The app developed by Fotoable Studio is all-in-one solution with

Love and dating after the Tinder revolution


In recent years, the way we meet potential partners has evolved incredibly. One common theme in science fiction literature and screenplays has been an idyllic (or dystopian) future where compatibility is down to computer programs. Imagine that scenario? A bunch of circuits and code deciding who you should be dating

Making Your WordPress Site Social: Must-have Plugins


If you are a website owner, most probably you are aware of the search engine optimization term or SEO. If not, we recommend you read top WordPress SEO tips. However, there is one more thing that keeps equal importance in driving traffic to your site and that is social media optimization.

What VPN Should You Use on Your Mac?


VPNs have been in existence for many years now but only around 2017 and 2018 did they become really popular. This surge in popularity in VPNs coincided with the period where various countries have implemented various internet surveillance laws and various corporations such as Facebook were found to extensively track

Why Trendy People Are Crazy About Instagram These Days?


Instagram is probably the simplest platform to share photos and videos to millions of followers within a few seconds. Now, it is one of the widely used social networking sites to share joys and happiness, colors and moments, fashions and lifestyles. People are using this site for their different purposes.

5 Ways You Can Protect Your Privacy Online As a Student

responsibility of student

Online privacy has been a hot button issue for a while now, the most recent example being inquiries about user data on Facebook. The truth is, privacy has always been an issue, even in the early days of the Internet. Make no mistake about it: people are watching what you

Privacy Policy Best Practices

privacy policy

Key to instilling trust in users, your privacy policy tells visitors to your site what to expect when they provide personal information. What you might not realize is it is actually a legal document. Your privacy policy is a contract between you and your users in which you promise to

Social Dating Apps for Android


  Not so long ago, in order to get acquainted, a man or a woman had to go beyond their comfort zone: went to a club or a cinema, thought out a reason to meet, etc. Now we can download any application for dating, which allows us to find a couple

How Can an App Improve Your Customer Service Quality?

edge browser

Mobile apps have become more important than ever for so many reasons. They have become so effective because of their positive impact on user experience. The functions and benefits of apps include creation of new revenue streams, enabling self-serving for customers, attracting new customers, and improving customer service. So how

Benefits Offered by Planned Preventive Maintenance


As the major goal of preventive maintenance is to establish steady maintenance tasks and schedules to improve overall operational efficiency and the safety of business assets at workplace, it is one of the vital parts of facilities management to keep business operations running smoothly. There is a big list of benefits

How to be vigilant against online fraudsters

beware of online fraudsters

Unfortunately, the battle against online fraud shows no sign of ending. In fact, online hackers and scammers are constantly locked in a battle of wits against their targets, so even the biggest and most powerful companies need to be on their guard at all times to avoid getting caught out.

How to watch the English Premier League online

english premier league

The English Premier League is an incredibly popular spectacle around the world, with 20 of England’s elite clubs doing battle each year for one of football’s biggest prizes. However, not everyone has easy, unobstructed access to live Premier League matches, so this article explains how you can watch any match,