Facebook Friend Request Scams: How To Protect Yourself


There are a lot of dangerous scams across social media. However, Facebook friend request scams are amongst some of the most likely to work.  You're less likely to spot Facebook scams because it involves somebody you would believe is your friend getting in touch.  That kind of prospect is inviting for most

Food for Thought: Do You Need an AdBlocker?


Image Source - Shutterstock Ad-blocking software has become one of the most-wanted browser extensions for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Today, the Internet is teeming with the advertising of different types. Some people may find all the ads helpful and informative, while others cannot stand watching dozens of useless ads that

What Content Goes on Your Homepage?

Educational Courses For Pre-College Students

If you’re looking to have a website built for your company, or for a redesign if you’re in the middle of a rebrand, it’s always wise to start with your homepage in mind. After all, your homepage acts as a front door to your site, and is generally tasked with attracting

Why successful companies use VPS hosting?

Educational Courses For Pre-College Students

Many successful corporations have equally great websites that attract and handle high levels of traffic. These pages operate so well because they are using VPS hosting. VPS, or a Virtual Private Server, mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. It provides better reliability, security, and performance. But the most

Business Ideas for Both Side Hustles and Full-Time

Business Ideas for Both Side Hustles and Full-Time

Image source: Pexels.com Do you happen to be in the market for a new job? Or maybe your current position does not pay enough and you would like to add something extra on the side? If that is the case, you will want to get started immediately and try to find

3 Tips to Setup WiFi for New Homeowners


Sharing your WiFi with everyone who visits is a pleasure, but many new homeowners worry about their personal information staying secure. Once someone has wireless passwords, they can unlock access to the router to find financial details, browsing data, or private information within the settings. However, that doesn't mean that

Top 6 Drummer Accessories Every Beginner Drummer Needs

Top 6 Drummer Accessories Every Beginner Drummer Needs

Drums are probably one of the most straightforward musical equipment to play, but the most difficult to master. Anyone can get to the right level of expertise with a few great lessons. Combined with daily practice, you can start to sound like an above-average drummer anytime they pick up the drumsticks. Mastery, however, is

Tips For Getting Your Startup Off The Ground

Abraham Khader Details 3 Key Sales Tactics

You may have heard some sobering statistics about the number of startups that survive long-term. Some people say a majority of businesses fail, and the truth is, many do eventually. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics present a somewhat different picture. Of small businesses that were started in 2014, 56%

How To Find Duplicate Content From Your Website?

Why is a plagiarism checker for a document important? A website should always contain original and authentic content to attract readers. But not only that, plagiarized content hurts the reputation of the website. Plagiarism is a serious offense.  Figure 1: Plagiarism Checking can Improve the Rank of the Website Copying someone else's work

How Digital Signage Can Help You Get More Customers

Today, Digital Signage can be found in more and more businesses. They save money, make everyone’s lives faster and more efficient, and they are the hottest thing in digital marketing nowadays.  It’s a screen that can change its display depending on what you input and what the customer requests. Businesses everywhere

What is Project Roadmap in Project Management?

Project managers need to set the agendas for the project, and the project roadmap helps to visualize it. A project road map plays a vital role in your project planning as it helps set expectations and update stakeholders.  As a project manager, you need to lead your team in the right

7 Types of Interaction Design

The first thing a user sees when using a website or application is the most obvious elements. Menu, logo, icons – this is what catches his eye. But can the user interact with all this? Here you’ll learn the best way to create an interactive design. What is the essence of

Best Plagiarism Detection Guides!

If you are an instructor at a reputed university or if you are a client who has hired some writers to write content for your website, then you must be worried about how to detect plagiarism in content written by your writers or your students! Now you must know that

5 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Brand and Trademark in 2020

Abraham Khader Details 3 Key Sales Tactics

You don’t want to mess with the law. In the beginning stages of establishing your brand, it’s vital you understand the legal aspects of guaranteeing your brand’s protection. A trademark is included amongst these issues. And if you haven’t heard of it before, it ensures protection of any brand and its image. To identify your

5 Tips For Gaining Genuine Instagram Followers

It’s 2019, and Instagram has become a massive force threatening to overshadow every other social media platform—and that’s likely to happen soon. Instagram is the fastest growing social platform and the most preferred by brands due to its incredible user-brand engagement stats. However, making a dent in this lucrative arena with

Ways Agile Developers Can Improve Their Scrum Skills

Today, production has saturated the market, and we are in the stage of transition to the so-called post-industrial era, and this is a zone of high turbulence, uncertainty, and a paradigm shift. There is a movement towards building deeper relationships with customers. Agile is now becoming the most relevant and

5 DIY Tech Projects to Learn About Electronics

Working on your own tech projects is a great way to learn about electronics. There are some really cool things you can build on your own, and along the way, you’ll learn a lot about how electronics and computer systems work. So, if you have a spare afternoon, a little