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Kmart retailer reported security breach

The well known retailer Kmart of Sears Holdings corporations have warned on Friday that the IT group of Kmart has detected a malware threat in their system which can be a plausible reason of security threat. after Yahoo!, JPMorgan Chase, Dairy Queen, Target, Supervalu, Home Depot and Neiman Marcus, Kmart is the latest in the list whose security integrity might have been compromised by hackers.

Kmart retailer reported security breach

Kmart reported about this hack on Thursday and also informed that they successfully removed the malware from their system. Although they are unable to trace which cards have been victimized but the made it sure no personal login credentials like PIN or passwords of debit or credit card could be fetched by hackers. Still customers were advised to contact their banks and check if their login and status are same. Kmart is working hard with financial partners and security partners to strengthen the security build of the retailer.

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