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Main features and ideas of Rainbow Six Siege Game

Main features and ideas of Rainbow Six Siege that you might like

Rainbow Six is a full-fledged e-sports shooter about the actions of special forces and terrorists, with a high degree of realism and destructiveness of the object on which the game rounds take place. It’s no secret that the general concept is partially taken from CS GO, but refined and improved to offer players who want to get r6 rank boosting and e-sportsmen a new gaming experience.

General Idea

You will play for one of the sides for half the match, and then the sides will change. The winner will be the players who are the first to score 8 wins and thereby win the match. Rainbow Six relies on realism and complete destructibility, that is, terrorists will be able to set up barricades, block entrances, mine windows, and special forces can resort to any methods, the main thing is to ensure the safety of hostages, or timely demining. You can even literally destroy a building, but the main thing is that innocent people do not get hurt. A system of agents awaits you, where each representative has his own unique types of weapons and combat techniques. Some act as a scout, others as an attack aircraft, or as an orderly. Physical advantage in rounds greatly depends on the selection of heroes. The game features representatives of all known special forces structures.

Preparation and conduct of attack matches

By stormtroopers, we mean special forces, who need to enter a territory as a group of 5 players, find the weakest points in the terrorists’ defenses and not run into ambushes, mines and reconnaissance drones, and destroy enemies and save hostages. It will be good if at the start you conduct reconnaissance and try to figure out the location of the terrorists before you start storming the rooms blindly. Sometimes it makes sense to wait a little – if the assault did not begin from the first seconds, then this provokes impatient defense players to start looking for easy frags and shoot scouts, because as you know, in order to attack you need to have a numerical superiority, and if you kill one attacker without a response, then the chances of The success of the entire round for special forces is noticeably reduced. Therefore, terrorists take risks and look for easy kills to ensure an advantage in the rounds and pump up their rating in Rainbow Six Siege. If, on the contrary, you catch and kill the attacker, then it will be easier to storm, because the terrorists will not be able to physically block important points of the building. If you have not been discovered yet, then do not rush to make noise – remember that you need to try to understand from the first minutes of the round – in which part of the house there are hostages, or a bomb is installed, and then you will be able to plan your assault better and safer. At the very least, this tactic will show you places where you need to punch through walls and break into rooms. Or, on the contrary, use the tactic of quickly landing in the main room and controlling it until the mines are cleared, and then you will get a quick victory and one round in the system.

Tactics when playing for defense

Terrorists often control a building with a bomb or hostages from the first minutes and must maintain their plan and see it through to the end in order to get one round in their piggy bank. You should negotiate with your allies and distribute your positions to contain the special forces. You need to control and barricade key floors and entrances. This is the basement and first floor, upper floors, roof. It’s better for you to immediately find a position from which you can fight and take the entire assault in case the entire fist of 5 players falls on you, and you need to gain time until the rest of your team’s players reform and come to the rescue. It should not be a wall, because it can be blown up, or penetrated from the outside and destroy all the defense in your face. Choose positions so that you can use all the tools, including grenades, to protect yourself and prevent enemies from getting through to you until the timer ends.

Things to Remember

If you want a stable R6 Siege boost, then remember that most objects and building areas on all maps of the project are shot through – this means that you can kill your enemies even by being proactive and attacking walls, tables and other wooden objects through which a bullet will fly on through. Use drones for constant reconnaissance – You must quickly and more or less accurately assess the enemy’s movements and plans, regardless of which side of the conflict you occupy. Be careful with grenades – do not hit hostages and teammates – there is always a chance that it will bounce off the walls and return to you. Some agents can plant mines that will explode upon contact with the beam. It’s worth remembering this when playing for both teams and not forgetting to place them on the defensive in order to have a chance to eliminate the attackers at the start of the confrontation and pay attention to them and avoid them, or deactivate them for the attacking side. Test agents in training mode and find your strongest and most enjoyable heroes. Rainbow Six Siege gives you the opportunity to try out the roles of attack aircraft, scouts, and snipers, so that you can immediately indicate your preferences for selection into matches. Try them all out before making a decision. Get ideas from eSports matches. Ubisoft regularly holds gaming matches for cash prizes, and if you set a goal, you can even win an amateur competition, earn money and begin your journey into the world of eSports. You can also get ideas from popular professional matches where the best teams in the world play and demonstrate their teamwork, understanding of gameplay, ability to read the enemy and good skills of calm and composure. Look at what positions both sides occupy, what assault and information gathering tactics they use, and gradually your gaming skill will grow and increase your Rainbow Six Siege boosting.

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