NASA says Indian Scientist's theory is correct; Black Hole do not exist
NASA says Indian Scientist's theory is correct; Black Hole do not exist

Black Holes do not really exist – NASA confirms Indian Scientist’s theory

NASA has recently agreed with the theory coined by an Indian Scientist Abhas Mitra that black holes do not really exist – at least not like we thought to be. NASA observed through two of its space telescopes that flares of X-rays were passing through a black hole. By the conventional definition, a black hole is not supposed to let any matter or energy escape through it. Black hole is the last phase of a star’s life cycle. When a star’s life ends, the mass gets compact under enormous gravitational force which doesn’t even let light to escape through it. This theory was believed to be true until when NASA noticed flares of X rays coming out of the black hole.

NASA says Indian Scientist's theory is correct Black Hole do not exist

A while ago, Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra studied and discovered that black holes are not what they were thought to be. It doesn’t succumb anything that’s around it. Rather, black holes are ultra hot fire balls, similar to Sun. Abhas Mitra said that the gas streams which are being pulled inward by gravity, get extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-rays. Eminent physicist Stephen Hawking also agreed upon the fact that Black holes do not actually exist. Dr. Abhas Mitra was earlier the head of theoretical astrophysics at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai and is currently the Adjunct Professor at the Homi Bhabha National Institute. NASA has acknowledged his work after discovering the X Rays in a black hole.

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