TalkTalk: Unlimited text, calls and data at £12 a month
TalkTalk: Unlimited text, calls and data at £12 a month

TalkTalk: Unlimited text, calls and data at £12 a month

Undoubtedly one of the UK’s largest telecommunications providers is TalkTalk, one among the full ‘quad-play’ collection of services : TV, landline, fixed line broadband and mobile. Today the company introduced its new ‘All-in SIM’ with a sheer tinge of competition with its rivals in the devastating mobile market crowd of UK.

It charges £12 a month, which is a 30-day rolling plan including unlimited minutes, texts and data. The managing director of TalkTalk’s consumer business, Tristia Harrison said that the company is “revolutionising mobile with our new mobile SIM”.


So, let’s pay attention to what happens after you scratch beneath the surface of TalkTalk’s hyperbole.
To start with All-in SIM, you’ll have to subscribe to TalkTalk’s home broadband services. Later if you made up your mind to cancel, TalkTalk will slash your allowance down to 2000 minutes and just 2GB of data at a blink while double the cost of plan up to £24 per month.

Any kind of tethering is prohibited with the plan and data usage is also limited to 3G only, – where you have to keep an eye on how much data you consume. TalkTalk says that customers who use too much data will be asked “to reduce their usage and we may not renew the monthly unlimited calls or data boosts on their packages so that we can protect the rest of the network and maintain a good network experience for others” adding
For most customers, your usage of the network will be fine. The sort of things that might make your usage increase are:

> streaming movies to your phone
> downloading large files to your phone
> making excessive numbers of calls
One further limitation is, this plan is only available to buy until June 30.

All the caveats may make you happy, certainly the £12 plan is competitive, looking to SIM-only provider giffgaff where you get 500 minutes and 3GB of 3G data a month in same price. As the company promises ‘mobile revolution’ doesn’t impact due to these restrictions.

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