Things you can replace on your car by yourself

Car repairs and maintenance can be very costly. Many people forget to include them in their budget but it is one thing you start thinking about.

For many people, there is only fuel and perhaps oil after every three months to worry about. Every other maintenance cost is completely ignored. And that is where they go wrong.

Things you can replace on your car by yourself

Cars need regular checkups throughout their lives. Most people find it hard because they pay through their nose for car maintenance. Some are even forced to leave their cars at home because there comes a time when you cannot just afford some things.

But have you considered that perhaps you can work on some these issues yourself? The online world provides access to everything. Then get simple tools and some basic knowledge: you can save some cash.  Here are some of the easiest parts you can work on from home.

Brake pads

Changing brake pads is surprisingly simple and straightforward. You may be wondering why you should mess up you brakes, but consider the cost and the effort you will be required to put in.

You don’t need to go waiting on a long queue for something you can do in a matter of minutes. Brake shops charge a lot to change these components and you might want to avoid that.

You can get a set of new brakes from $20 – $40. This depends on the car model and the pad material. But you cannot compare that to $250 per axle which you will have to pay a professional. Do the math and see how much you save.

Spark plugs

Changing spark plugs is one of the easiest home car repairs. But you need to be sure your car needs the service first. Modern cars come with extended-life spark plugs. These can take you safely up to 100,000 miles.

Even so, it is still wise to check the components after every thirty miles. That way you will be sure you won’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

And need arises to change them, you will only need a regular set of tools. A spark plug wrench will enable you handle everything effectively.

Make sure you purchase the right component. Since it is a time purchase, you need the top quality. Check out for the best prices and brands for spark plugs. You can never lack what you need.

Changing battery

Changing a car battery is like pouring coffee from one cup to another. It is surprising how many people will go to a repair shop just to get their battery replaced.

A car lasts 4 to 6 years which is enough time to have learned how it works in your car. You simply need to get a new battery, disconnect the old on using pliers, replace and tighten.

Changing engine oil

The only reason many people don’t like dealing with DIY oil change is because it need involves getting dirty. Well, you cannot be able to change the oil without catching some dirt.

Get a quick lube at about $30 to $70. Then open the oil reservoir and get the old oil out. Check the right oil level and replace it with new oil. It does not get any harder.

The best part is you don’t have to do it too often. Modern vehicles can go up to 10,000 miles without requiring oil change.

Things you can replace on your car by yourself

Headlights and taillight

You should understand your car from inside out. There are people who are so attached to their car they will notice the slightest change. One of the most important things to check as you walk around the vehicle is headlights.  

If they are faulty, buy a replacement bulb from a repair shop and bring it home. Once you have the right bulb, use the open the grass using a screw driver and replace the faulty one.

Windshield wipers

Do you really have to use worn out windshield wipers just because the repair shop is far? Even if you are just at home and the dealership is a few minutes away, you don’t have to waste time going to replace the wipers from here.

You can get a set of wipers at about $20 to $40. If you went to a dealership, you will be charged $100 for one hour of labor. But you can avoid this. Simply get a set of wipers and follow a simple manual you can online to replace.

The air filters

It sounds hard to open the engine compartment, locate the air filter and replace the old with a new one. However, this is one of tasks mechanics and dealerships get free tip from.

Now instead of paying about $150 on average, you can spend $15 to $20 to change your car’s air filter. It only has simple screws you will need to unscrew then screw back with the new filter.

As you can see, DIY car maintenance is the best way to save money and time. These parts are only a few, among many others you can handle from home. We hope this helps.

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