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Twitter silently kills Magic Recs, the DM bot

Twitter has confirmed that it had killed the Magic Recs direct message bot that used to send you recommendations about trending profiles and tweets. The step has been taken without fuss and it’s still a mystery as why Twitter had to do this so quietly. On one hand the company is introducing more and more enhanced and extended features like videos, gifs, length of tweets, on the other hand it has removed many features. Magic Recs is one of them.

Twitter silently kills Magic Recs, the DM bot
Twitter silently kills Magic Recs, the DM bot

Magic Recs was a DM bot created and used by Twitter to recommend you about trending and viral posts and profiles. magic Recs were run by an algorithm that measured how many others you knew were following an account or a particular tweet. Twitter has stopped sending recommendation via Magic Recs and now pushing those recommendations via native push notifications on your phone.

“@MagicRecs is no longer regularly sending recommendations through Direct Message. Recommendations that were previously shared via Direct Message are now delivered via push notification,” a spokesperson noted in a written statement. The bot was started in 2013 and received good response from users. The feature was actually appreciated but still Twitter chose to quit the bot after 2.5 years of service.

It’s a big question if Twitter is planning for something bigger and more efficient for supplying recommendations to users.

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